Funniest Deaths From Campaigns 1-3

These videos gave me good laughs. Hopefully you’re as easily entertained as me.

Always practice bayonet safety, Gears!

Either get slapped, or get slapping.

Does that sound effect even have a name?

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Ugh… bro. Thought you were gonna show actual deaths from the campaign, not just you dying.

How would any death from gears be funny


The Carmine deaths were supposed to be funny, right? Well, at least some people found them funny. That was the running joke in Gears. IDK, don’t do this to me. Lighten up bro. It’s only a game.


No they weren’t supposed to be funny, just kinda funny I guess they were all related.

The Carmines represent the faceless (normally nameless) Gears that die left and right around our heroes. It’s just comical that they’re all related. Not their deaths themselves.

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The fact that the carmine kept dying was a running joke

Not their deaths
As Marcus said about Anthony
“This kid deserved better”
And Ben literally died with his front body ripped open
Lizzie got incinerated and Gary got squashed to death


And William got Minh’ed.

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And Clayton died reaching for the sweet delicious bacon


I agree bud :wink:

I got a few.

Jack going into goalie mode and me facepalming.

Dom launching a Grenadier to make me suffer.

TC, plz nerf Theron Guard

Not really a death but Dom doin the Chainsaw Slide.

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I always laughed at the guy who is killed by the Kryll when the lights go out in Gears 1’s campaign, when you arrive at the Stranded camp. And also the guy in Gears 1 that falls through the floorboards into the room of wretches in a later act. Serves him right for trying to shoot you when you enter that room he’s hiding in.

All of these are great clips. Shame about the ads and errors on that site, but they’re exactly the same as the site I use.

Dom launching the grenadier was especially great.

It’s a Gears rite of passage to be gibbed by Theron Guards that either overpenetrate cover, or perfectly ricochet their shots.

Anyone remember this?


Ads? Haven’t seen em, guess my Ublock extension works great.

Gears 2 is a beautiful mess but Dom ruins Insane runs.

I remember the first thread this was posted in, back on the EGF.

He really did…

…Until he taught me how to do the Reaver Ringer at the end of the tunnel in Landown.

I’ve honestly seen Dom do a lot of cool ■■■■, and save my ■■■ far more times than he’s inconvenienced me. Dom just has so much more health on Insane, and he usually does something right or tanks a lot of shots.

But sometimes he glitches out and derps for the entire level until console reset.


This is the Reaver Ringer that AI Dom pulled off years ago. Been doing it ever since.

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If only my AI had pulled that thing off in Gears 2-3 before. Me? Never managed to land frags in a Reaver saddle after learning of this trick(guess by who). Certainly not while blind throwing one, which is something I have more or less figured out for regular enemies, but not Reavers.

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It’s really easy to do with Carriers in Gears 4, if you want to practice. Harder to do in Gears 5, since you have to land it directly in one of the holes in their chests.

Parabolic arcs become reflex if you practice them enough. I don’t know why humans are so good at that, but with some effort most people can be great at it. Hence: arrows, bullets, rock throwing (that thing that apes can’t do because their shoulders are the wrong shapes).

Reminds me of a time playing Gears 4 Horde on Relic being out on the map and holding a Boomshot while seeing a Scion come out of the spawn on the opposite spawn. Aimed up for maybe a second, pulled the trigger and it went straight for the head. Don’t think I got the clip of that any longer though.

Don’t think I could do that with a grenade launcher irl though. Never touched as much as any actual weapon yet(probably thanks to growing up in Europe), never really used a bow either. My aiming with those would probably suck pretty bad.

I don’t think practicing my frag aim skills would be of much use though, currently got no plans of doing any of the old Gears on Insane… so unless Reavers are brought back in some form in the future, I wouldn’t get to use it.

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Well, it’s still a great weapon against open Carriers. Always pops all their Cankers before the Cankers can fly off. That does extra massive damage.

Here’s a question.

If I did a series of Gears walkthroughs on the hardest difficulties (from Insane to Inconceivable), and edited them a bit to save the viewer’s time, would it be better for me to include commentary? I could go over all the tricks and nitty gritty details. Or would it be better to just show them, and let viewers ask questions?

No funny deaths would be included, though. So this question is off-topic. >_>

I’m not sure if I’m the right person to ask on walkthroughs - I only look them up if I absolutely need some help at progressing somewhere I can’t pass on my own - but commentary or text annotations to the video can be helpful. Not necessary I think, but helpful. Not a YouTube person myself though so not sure.