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Funko Gears characters for 2019

(Duffman GB) #1

Hi fellow Gears.
Just seen the 3 new Gears pop vinyl figures for release this year:
Delta Fenix

Sorry I can’t link but they look great. Hopefully with the Pop licence we will be getting even more.

Sorry if we have a thread, I thought I authored one, must have been old forum.

Does anyone else collect them ?

(Duffman GB) #2

The characters are up for pre order on Amazon now :slight_smile:

(DownInFlames85) #3

Just got back from GameStop with this General RAAM (2019 Spring Convention LE)

Goes great with my Marcus with Locust Head I won from the fine folks over at Play 4 PawZ a couple of years ago. (@Mad_Dog_Malcs @Loryat & company :blush: )

(V7K1NG) #4

Maddog and loryat are pretty awesome

(Duffman GB) #5

RAMM looks great. I have all releases up to the new ones including all the mini funko’s

(DownInFlames85) #6

Nice! I don’t have them all, but I grab the ones I like the most. RAAM looks awesome in person, the pic doesn’t do him justice.
I just wished they would have made a Dizzy Pop, I’d love to have one as he’s my favorite character.

(Mad Dog Malcs) #7

Nice buddy, Love it, that Marcus was a fantastic prize too, I’d love one of those, glad you got it and thanks for the support :blush:

(Duffman GB) #8

Excellent mate. Did you get the Swarm Sniper from the previous collection. I managed to get 2, they do seem to be one of the rarer ones.

(V7K1NG) #9

Just pre ordered Myrrah to go with Marcus, JD,Dell Carmine,Sniper RAAM and the Brumack i have

(Duffman GB) #10

Just seen the new figures on “What’s up” I have Myrrah,Boomer and MF pre ordered. Didn’t know about Kait, Skorge and Anya, who all look excellent. that and RAAM, Kait Gears 5 variant means it is a great time for Gears :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Hopefully we get Sam sometime soon.

Does anyone know of UK dealers for the Funko box and Skorge ?