Fundamental problem of the new ranking system

Last season, before the new ranking system was introduced, I was able to climb to the rank of Diamond in the King of the Hill playlist. Although this required a lot of grinding, it was not merely as painful and aggravating as it is in season 4, due to the new ranking system. Being up to Onyx again, I see no reason to talk too much about the release of the system. But to be fair, I think we can all agree that resetting the entire ranked background, in which every player was put in Bronze, resulted in a big cluster ■■■…

The main problem that I am facing now are based on the matchmaking of the games, whereby I had a classic night of gears 5, resulting in me writing this post right now. These probelms can be lined up as followed: leavers, unfair teams, huge ping differences.

Everyone hates leavers in ranked, especially when you are ahead. Although the game feels even more epic when you can pull in the win with a team of 4, losing hurts hard, especially in high ranks where you will lose atleast almost 500 points. There shouldn’t be a penalty for those who stay behind, but the leaver (or the smartiepants who’s staying afk on spawn) should suffer the penalties from his teammates.

Another great motivation before the game even starts, is when you see the enemy team is consisting of one large group (party of 4 or 5 players). And it’s even more aggravating when you see at the end, after you were butchered, that they had higher rankings. The average ranks of the teams should match eachother, especially when solo players are facing off against a group. Where the old ranking system subtracted less points when the matchmaking was tipped in one team’s favor, the current one just subtracts a flat amount.

Last, to keep it brief, what’s with the ping differences? Sometimes its under 10, other times its over 120, why is the deviance so large? It even happens that one team consists only of +100 ping, whereas the other team has a fine connection. Dropping out of the game also happens sometimes, resulting in a loss of ranked points, which is even more frustrating. The entire ping problem ruines the consistency of the game, but this is just a complaint I have had with gears for a long time.

As I devoted my life to science, and not to being a public figure on YouTube that shares concerns about the game with developers directly, I don’t expect much from this post. But it would be interesting if others have to endure similar problems with the game as I do. After a day in the lab, there’s nothing I’d rather do then playing a gory game of gears, but right now I am just getting fed up with a system that is holding back my progress.

Form a squad.

I see this a lot on the forums.

Maybe you all can exchange GT.

It’s so easy to get masters.

But once you get masters that’s when the real battles start.