Fun time - create your own hero

Ok, so You have all skills at lvl 6, Ults and perks at your disposal. Who do you create at level 18 (with the usual 5 slots and 1 ult, 1 passive ult) for:

  1. Max fun
  2. Max teamwork
  3. Max efficiency

I would go for.
Explosive ammo capacity, razor hail, concussive explosive,
Aggressive armour and perk up for cards.
Passive and ult would be Claytons.
Perks would be , damage, crit hit, ult duration, health.
That covers 1 and 3 for sure

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I like sniping, for me it would be it’s a very small variation of Fahz:

Exploit Weakness
Modified Longshot
Explosive Critical Hit

As an ultimate, I’m kinda thinking Kat’s Hologram Decoy so I can distract enemies in a single location so I can pick them off easily.

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Dug in and inner fire. Would be invicible in cover.
The ult wouldn’t matter because you wouldn’t activate it.

Insert other three cards and passive depending on weapon of preference.

Lol you would never die. Broken


Still fun.

I wouldn’t expect you to understand much about that though.


You can relax on this topic . It’s hypothetical


This is like a more advanced version of “I’m an 06 vet so I’m superior,” but somehow more conceited and arrogant.

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sheesh man, I never did anything to you.

I meant not understanding having fun. As basically every post they make is the game is to easy everything needs nerfing. Noone should have any abilities or do any damage.


I like to get up close and personal so I created a hero with a hogpodge of stuff from other classes.

Ult-Mac’s barrier
Kait’s bleed card/damage card
Lahni’s Nimble card
Mac’s health card
Mac’s lethal barrier card

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Let me see…

Oh yeah. I’d probably create this totally not OP build combining skills of Fahz and Paduk :
Consecutive Shot
Exploit Weakness
Explosive Headshot
Critical Parade

Ult would be X-Ray, clearly.

As for perks…
Critical Damage
Precision (Rifle) Damage
Ult Damage Feedback(you know, the one that increases cooldown provided by damage on enemies)
Fourth perk could be ammo regen or something in that direction.

Call it what you want but this was supposed to be for fun ideas, not whether they would turn out balanced.

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I was thinking about some kind of combo of Lizzie and Clayton with a silverback with a super powerful bleeding mulcher that also healed you in the silverback and realised that maybe this is actually already possible in the game.

Has anyone tried getting in the silerback with bleeding mulcher as a Clay with mulcher mastery equiped. Does it gain the increased damage and keep bleed (I would assume so) does his passive proc and provide healing to the silverback because with other character effects that works.

Ive used this one before but I really like it and really want it in the game.

Anya Stroud
Utimate: Hammer of Dawn

One of cards would obviously increase the number of Hammer strikes or extend the duration if it were a strike the player could aim. I have no idea what other cards she would have but I am really psyched to get this in the game with this ultimate. I know they are decoupling the characters but still lol.

A work in progress so ill come back to it lol

To be honest, I would just create the sniper class from Gears 4 because it was so much fun getting consistent headshot kills after headshot kills.


  1. Called Shot (Targets you mark take 40% more damage at level 6)
  2. Headshot Damage (+120% damage at level 6)
  3. Magic Bullet (Add +65% damage per critical hit at level 6)
  4. Steady Hand (+65% damage reduction, +90% camera shake reduction at level 6)
  5. Explosive Headshot (+175% headshot splash damage at level 6)

Ultimate: Sniper Strike

Passive: Earn x amount of stim for every consistent headshot kill.


  1. Precision Rifle Damage (+60% damage at level 10)
  2. Precision Rifle Capacity (+120% ammo at level 10)
  3. Sniper Strike hit increase (hit 8 enemies simultaneously at level 10)
  4. Ultimate cools down for every consistent headshot by x amount of seconds.
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Sniper class with some of the good perks listed above but with a tweaked Kait ult. Cloak that doesn’t last long but offers a damage bonus when firing from it. Because it lasts shorter, it’d have a shorter recharge time as well.

How about:

Band Of Brothers
Exploit Weakness
Modified Longshot
Precision Repairs

And Living Legend as the ultimate ability. No need to ever repair anything ever again!

This not true. I just want the strong and OP stuff nerfed, the problem is a lot of stuff is very OP right now

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Lol. I can imagine how ridiculously broken that would be.