Fun thread - Name classes

Hi community

As we know TC will uncouple characters from classes after overwhelming feedback that the players want this. Which means the classes will need names…

In Gears 4 the classes had generic names like “Soldier”, I think we can do better and give creative names, like Thrashball Pro for Cole’s current role, and Knifey Spoony for Emile.

Feel free to be as ridiculous as you like, with the sole caveat being that the names must be forum appropriate.

I look forward to seeing the suggestions and know knows, maybe TC will take a liking to some of them and put them in the game :slight_smile:


I feel the class names may just use the name of the ultimate.

Honestly, I can’t think of any funny class names (without linking it to a character) - but maybe I’m just tired.

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Don’t Mess With My Tomato - Marcus
If it bleeds we can kill it - JD The Predator (Stolen from DANIIEL)

Once an Engineer, always an Engineer - Baird
Don’t kill me please, kill JD instead - Del
Now baby, listen baby, don’t you treat me this way Cause I’ll be back on my feet some day - Jack

I can’t think of others, but I could add some later…


Mac "The Laird of Defence *aka Bonnie Prince defender aka The Red menace

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You dead- JD, Keegan
Bleed on this- Kait, Lahni, Mac, Emile
Death from a distance- Fahz
Build it, they will come- Del, Kat, Baird
My ultimate is better than yours- Lizzie, Clayton
Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up- Jack, COG gear
Get beside me and shoot- Marcus


You die - over there. - Fahz
Backstabbing shenanigans when I’m tired of camper Drones outside of shotgun range - Kait
Explosions! - JD
Bullets, bullets, bullets… and some explosives too. - Keegan
Panic-button medic, also part time tank - COG Gear
The Workhorse - Jack(he’ll probably remain unique and locked to that role)
Burns, bruises and tackling exploding enemies out of the way - Cole(alternatively, just Burns and bruises)
So being a mechanic and driver apparently qualifies for making a Silverback appear out of thin air - Lizzie(alternative name I considered, “JD killed me”)
The Grub Killer but more like the Grub Sponge - Clayton
Knife, sparks and some occasional shooting - Lahni
Bullets, a barrier and insatiable desire of revenge - Mac
Here for building, looking at Kait… and nothing else? - Del
Building, shooting, inventing, lovemaking, I do it all - Baird
Squishy knife fighter with a bubble shield - Emile
What is my role? - Grace(she really does nothing nobody else has)
Why am I in this universe? Sarah Connor
The engineer who’s inferior to everyone else - Kat

If I missed any feel free to inform and I’ll go back and add them.

Edit : Update for Op 4.

Two potential names for Paduk…
They Run In Fear
Sniping with a touch of close range combat


Clayton : too angry to die
Del : me and the boys
Jack : puppet master
Kait: trickstab
Jd: rain from above
Marcus: ammo machine
Cog gear : magic trick
Lizzie : first ride?
Baird : dumb bot
Cole :I’m on fire
Fhaz :wallhack
Keegan:secret spot
Mac : all out
Lahni : knife rode

Kat : you see me now you don’t
Emile : me bubble
Sarah: like old ma
Grace : stun stick

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Bacon - Clayton


Sheeeeeyat Kicker-Soldier.
Sheeeeeyat Annihilator-Tank/Heavy.
Distant Sheeeeeyat Killer-Sniper.
Sneaky Sheeeeeyat-Scout.
Sheeeeeyat Builder-Engineer.
Invisible Sheeeeeyat-Jack.

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JD and Del: Schrödinger’s Boys
Kat: I’m not Kait
Kait: I’m not Kat
Mac: Delivery Driver
Clayton: Bacon Killer

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Choo Choo - Cole
Mind your head - Anthony Carmine
It’s what’s inside that counts - Ben Carmine
It’s getting hot in here - Lizzie Carmine
It’s a bird, it’s a plane… - Gary Carmine
Got your back - Kim Minh
Pain in the neck - Del
From Dawn to Dust - Adam Fenix
Itchy Chin - Tai Kaliso
Road rage - Dominic Santiago


Best ones yet👍


I was thinking about this yesterday and taking every character, compiling a class name to match their cards. Some characters keep their old class name but all have a different name from one another.

Kait - Survivalist or Scout
Del - Engineer
JD - Commander or Bombardier
Marcus - Veteran or Old Guard
Fahz - Sniper
Jack - Support
Keegan - Supplier or Munitions
Lahni - Guerilla
Mac - Pistolier
Cog Gear - Soldier
Emile - Brawler
Kat - Trickster
Sarah Connor - Grenadier
Baird - Mechanic
Lizzie - Robotics or Operator
Clayton - Tank
Cole - Powerhouse
Paduk - Subject to cards. Survivalist or Spy?


Updated my post to account for Paduk being released with Op 4.

@TC_Sera Since you said I could tag you for fun discussions, got any (potentially silly) ideas for this?