Full Teams in KOTH

It’s ■■■■■■■■ to play rankeds alone vs Full Teams… Full Teams vs Full Teams

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Get your own squad, problem solved. Next.


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Ad hominem in spanish

A new low has been reached.

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This is the solution but at the same time it sounds good but it ain’t that simple.

Issues with rank is the Matchmaking pairing lop sided teams. Diamond Team vs A mixture of Gold onyx and Silvers
also, the low community doesnt help either.

hopefully the higher FPS of the Series X will bring back players.

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Uninstall and snap the disc. Play a game that had more than 10% effort invested.

Problem solved. Next.

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Get off the internet, grandpa.


I knew you’d say that.


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what disc :laughing:

also OP, if ranked koth is frustrating, play quick match… theres not much TC can do other than removing team searching which would not be ideal at all.

You’re playing ranked at the same time.

Going solo just asking for it at this point.

But I get your frustration