Full Server Lag?

Over the last month or so I have been having certain games where the entire lobby shoots to mid 400ms. It’s maybe one in every ten games, but when it does happen it repeats about every 3 minutes in about 20 second intervals. Next game everything is fine. Anyone else having this issue lately?


I sometimes have games where every single ping goes over 150 for a couple of seconds. This only happens once during a complete game and never happens again.

It also doesn’t happen so often…maybe once a week.


Yeah I have seen that a few times. This is a full skip. People running into walls, rubberbanding, etc. People on my team experience the same thing when it happens so it is not just my connection. I almost thought it was an old school lag switch, but neither team benefits from it lol.

Yea people run into walls and suddenly I am dead and God knows what happened.

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even god doesn’t know when it comes to this game

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Same here. And, when it happens, people usually end up quitting like a match I had yesterday where 2 quit because the entire lobby was fluctuating wildly.
This game would not be a good advertisement for azure servers.

The past month?

Try the Summer time.
Probably even before that.

Throughout the Christmas period, I’ve noticed that the servers are really bad from around 3pm to around 6pm UK time. My ping tends to shoot up ridiculously - as an average around 150-500 (it fluctuates), but today it was as bad as 1000+. There’s no-one else using my wi-fi, and I’ve tried resetting my router many times but it doesn’t make a difference. It improves massively thereafter. I’ve never noticed it before cos I’m usually at work at this time and wouldn’t get home until around 6pm at the earliest anyway, but for the last week I’ve been off on annual leave for Christmas.