Full pc team using macros for snub (rapidfire) and wallbouce

I’ve played against a full pc team using macros to aim and shoot snub like a rapidfire, I’m not sure if this is permited but isn’t fair for a regular player, even if you’re good, is very difficult to play against a full team with that kind of mod. IDK if TC has knowledge of this?


I know it can happen, but…

Clip or didnt happened.

Its easier to prove that if you show what happened.


Doing things to max out the fire rate on snub? I can believe that. Though I’ll point out that plenty of players can hit the max rate without mods.

Wallbouncing macro? I’d need to see it to believe it.
I feel it would be so situation-specific that anything made would be pretty much useless.


I believe you.

Last night I came across, maybe the same people, they were all masters on PC.

Just hate how they think they’re so much better. That PC does wonders on gears. That’s all I’ll say.

But yeah seemed like their pistols were modded & they were wall bouncing backwards.

You’ll never see an Xbox player do half the stuff PC can do. I’m not hating it’s just frustrating.

Matched me with 5 all PC masters with mods like you described. While I had two diamond 1 players, a onyx 2, a gold 3, & gold 1. Xbox players.

Host turned pc off after that. Heck nah. I don’t trust pc players. When you walk bounce backwards & 3-5 pistol shots come out with supreme aim something’s up.

I can barely shoot my pistol at half their rate let alone be so accurate.

To add: I’ve never seen master players & yet there’s 5 pc master players. Can’t say that’s a coincidence. Just lame. Why even play a game if you need so much advantage.


A guy posted a vid a week or so ago of a player using a script for wall bouncing, in the vid the player was moving to accurate and doing it too constantly to be anything but this mod. It got locked by @GhostofDelta2 for calling someone out, perhaps they can confirm this also??


with all thats going on this is the last thing player need to deal with


Its not only on PC, these macros also works on xbox…

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But PC is eVIL!!!

It exists, console can have it too. It’s lame as hell, i play pc controller and i think we need to limit character rotation speed for high dps players

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It could be possible that xbox players use anything.

But from experience & over 3,000 ranked matches, it’s really not likely.

Most I’ve seen is modded controller which is still lame but versus pc it’s not even a equalizer.

Disagree, pc has input delay and fov advantage. Xbox has slightly more aim assist, as long as you predict shots on xbox its even. Now when you throw M&KB players in the mix thats when it becomes ■■■■■■■■. The 180 instant recovery snapshot kills, both Xbox and pc have m&kb and both have no limit on rotation speed. Yeah that macro snub is lame as hell but im more annoyed with the instant snap gnashers.

And with aim assist that PC do not have + M&KB…So cheating for console too.
To play with until the next game and without them by blocking them

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Were they tsu clan tag and aurora symphony?

Those guys are good and there’s no macros.
Git gud

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I’d have to disagree.

As an Xbox player with over 3,000 ranked games you can tell when a persons on PC. It’s that noticeable.

I can hold my ground but 5 pc master players , at that level is just insane. Especially with that kind of precision. These arent scrubs & they’re on pc.

But I would expect pc players to justify pc.

At a high level it makes a difference. Never see xbox players wall bounce backwards. Let alone the supreme precision. I wish I was making it up. Just my experience.

Yeah you get the occasionals on pc but high level pc is always a challenge for an Xbox player. Even avexy lost 1 round to a random pc player, later beat him. But just magnifies the benefit.

Besides: some know how to script & do it for fun, because they can. Not all. There’s some pc players that have honor but those occasional nerds give pc a bad rep.

My friend when he got pc made this montage. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Fi4y1b7dD
He’s high level pc. Mvp’d him on xbox but on pc he’s fierce. His name is Kratos Tier1 now. Used to be My7hrKratos.

I mean it’s absolutely amazing & im jealous how effortlessly it is. But can’t do that on xbox, not that crisp.

Lol I was legit about to ask that. @Aurora_Symphony is one of the best players in this game, and TSU is solid (Shout out to @TSU_Silent from Sokovia). Like you said, no macros or cheats of any kind. Just skill

Mike Yaworski would be another player who’d id imagine people think cheat, though he doesn’t play Gears anymore.

I guess the atWar guys could be at it again lol


If someone is on m&kb period they have an insane advantage. My point was just because someone is on pc doesn’t mean they are an instant god.

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That’s true.

But i can tell the advantage quickly, is all am saying.

I’d neglect what any op says without back proofing, but when a whole stack does it, isn’t that suspicious?

@Kronoz_Dz Yes, snub could be easily macrod and easily identified by the fire rate. As for the wallbounce, it is manipulated in key maps by using the alternate mapping and/or substituting the wall bounce key with mouse scroll.

Easy pz how things are done on PC…

because most noobs don’t know people or techniques
I mentioned those guys because I know them, their play style and the obvious reaction of people that still can’t understand mashing a and left and right
anyways they were on stream the other day for everyone to watch

Pretty much every time I play with tsu Silent (Serbia) he gets people calling him a cheater, and once me and my friends went up against Mike and Aurora and they were calling them cheaters. Most of the PC players that run with AngryFPSGamer tend to be pretty top level tbh