Full List of Potential Future Playable Characters

Here’s a comprehensive list of all the possible characters they could add into Gears 5. I am not including skins that simply change the color of the character, such as Color Blast, Onyx Gold, zombie, et cetera. I am also including characters we never got to play as, such as Karn, or the Cyclops. For practicality sake, I am excluding any characters that have only appeared in the comics or novels, as they would be very difficult to implement. They would have to create a new character model from scratch, find a voice actor, along with other complicated measures that are simply too impractical to implement into the game. Also, Jinn is excluded, as she is pregnant.

If I miss any, or if you have any ideas, do let me know so I can adjust the list. Also, I plan on crossing out characters that get added into the game. Yes, I realize the Swarm and DeeBee sections are lacking quite a bit, but there aren’t many original skins for those factions that don’t just change the color of the character model.

I hope this post becomes a hub for discussing potential future characters.


• Aaron Griffin

• Adam Fenix

• Alex Brand

• Alicia Valera

• E-Day Anya
• V-Day Anya
• Civilian Anya
• Tomorrow Anya
• First Minister Anya

• E-Day Baird
• V-Day Baird
• DB Industries Baird

• Barrick (with cigar. Unlikely, but one can hope.)

• Bernie (my personal most wanted character)

• Anthony Carmine
• Benjamin Carmine
• Recruit Clayton Carmine
• Gary Carmine

• Chaps

• Thrashball Cole
• Superstar Cole
• E-Day Cole
• Classic Cole
• V-Day Cole

• Lieutenant Del
• Outsider Del

• V-Day Dizzy
• Big Rig Dizzy
• Merchant Navy Dizzy

• Commando Dom
• Classic Commando Dom
• E-Day Dom
• Classic Dom
• Farmer Dom
• V-Day Dom

• Franklin

• Golden Gear
• Classic Golden Gear

• Commando Hoffman
• E-Day Hoffman
• V-Day Hoffman
• Dress Uniform Hoffman

• Jace Stratton

• Lieutenant JD
• Outsider JD

• Outer Wilds Kait
• Outsider Kait

• Loomis

• E-Day Marcus
• Classic Marcus
• V-Day Marcus
• Unarmored Marcus
• Old Man Marcus
• Biker Marcus

• Minh

• Nomads

• Classic Oscar
• Gears 5 Oscar

• E-Day Paduk
• V-Day Paduk
• Gears 5 Paduk

• Prescott

• Reyna

• V-Day Sam
• Armored Sam
• Dress Uniform Sam

• Sofia

• Tai
• Jungle Tai

• A variety of generic COG and UIR soldiers. I don’t feel like going over them all.


• Jinn-Bot


• Heavy Scion
• Gears 4 Swarm Drone Elite


• Lambent Drone
• Thrashball Drone
• Savage Drone
• Beast Rider
• Grappler
• Gunner
• Hunter
• Hunter Elite
• Golden Hunter
• Savage Hunter
• Savage Marauder
• Miner
• Golden Miner
• Sniper
• Spotter
• Rager

• Grenadier
• Lambent Grenadier
• Grenadier Elite
• Lambent Grenadier Elite
• Flame Grenadier
• Savage Grenadier
• Test Tube Grenadier

• Savage Kantus
• Armored Kantus
• Stalker Kantus
• Elite Stalker Kantus

• Theron Guard
• Theron Sentinel
• Helmetless Theron
• Theron Elite
• Savage Theron
• Cleaver Theron
• Palace Guard

• Karn
• Queen Myrrah
• Vold RAAM
• Skorge
• Uzil Sraak

Got any ideas for future characters? Did I forget to mention some? Let me know.

Lol I wish. >50% of these characters should have already been added at the start of the game.


There’s still this Kait variant which should’ve been there at launch but is missing. Any bets we’ll have to pay for it at some point?

Unless it’s the “Classic Kait” skin I haven’t yet seen anywhere. Also, I’d make a distinction between character skins like Outsider or Outer Wilds Kait, and an actual character like Cole or Lizzie(or however you spell that, but you know who I mean).

Yeah right, pretty soon we will have half the roster be terminator and halo characters. Or lame cog and swarm characters. We don’t even have our favorites yet .


At least I’m not the only one who feels this way with a Terminator themed Horde event(seriously?) and MORE crossover characters. But I’m called toxic for when I point out this stuff has no place in Gears and that I don’t understand why someone would put down 20$/€/whatever it is in £ for two characters completely unrelated to Gears to someone I know. Soon we’ll have more feature characters than actual Gears characters.

Ignore them? Give me an option to replace their character models and voice lines with some generic or default model and I’ll do so.


We’re the OG fans that know what’s best for our beloved game and so we voice our concerns and give constructive advice… that is so not toxic. I hope more people wake up about the terrible choices TC and Rod are making. Been here since gears of war 1 and let me tell you, the long term players know what’s best and seemingly know better than TC and Rod. It is a huge red flag when loyal long term fans aren’t on board AND devs aren’t listening or just calling us toxic crybabies blah blah. The coalition is failing gears,

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I’m not in any position to call myself an “OG”(and probably wouldn’t even if I could, though I started playing in Gears 2, mostly Campaign back then and a little bit of Horde). But I question some of these design decisions. Or just decisions overall. Adding generic characters before named ones from the Campaign is an odd move… and focus on feature instead of actual Gears characters with another two completely unrelated and unfitting Terminator crossovers being introduced. One of which ALSO once again appears to be a completely superior melee character to Lahni in Escape. How much is it to ask for the actual characters of the franchise to be its focus?I’m not even finding the Halo characters very great and that’s coming from someone who has played and followed Halo rather actively up until Halo 5(though I got introduced to it with Halo 3, but that’s not important).

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That is Classic Kait. She was added into the supply pool today.

I saw it. I just wasn’t sure if “Classic” referred to her Gears 4 variant with Anya’s armor or what we saw of Kait in Act 1 of Gears 5 until I was able to view the model in Customization.

I just want to clarify a few things.

One, you guys are not alone in the sentiment that the roster in Gears 5 is underwhelming af. With the exception of Marcus and RAAM, there’s no OG characters playable yet. As a long time Gears fan, this angers and disappoints me. Which leads me into my next point.

Two, again, spot on in the belief that TC is ruining Gears. The series isn’t what it once was. The game is still broken. There’s not enough content. Most of the actually good content is locked behind a paywall. They’ve made a ton of horrendous decisions with this game, in all game modes. We need CliffyB back, even though that’s not going to happen.

Three, the Terminator packs. Remind me, what happened when TC made the Gears 4 preorder items craftable? Oh yeah. The community reacted fiercely to the decision. Now, what was one of the preorder bonuses for Gears 5? A Terminator pack that no one asked for, nor wanted. And what did TC just do? That’s right. They did not in fact make those items craftable. No-no-no. That’s too dumb. They would never. Instead, they decided to sell the f*cking items they marketed as an exclusive preorder bonus. Yeah, because that’s not greedy at all. Then to top it all off, they release ANOTHER Terminator pack that no one asked for, with another Terminator that is broken, and with an exclusive character for Escape/Horde/MP, directly contradicting their word that all characters would be earnable in-game. Which leads into my final point.

Four, the totem system. This doesn’t feel like we’re earning the characters. It feels like we’re grinding. Grind ≠ sense of accomplishment. Grind = unneeded monotony and repetition. And the fact the most of the requirements are the same for each character just makes the grind more intolerable. I was excited to learn that all characters would be earnable through gameplay. But I didn’t expect them to do this. I was expecting something more akin to Gears 2 or 3. On the plus side, $5 is a fair price for the characters, and it’s optional.

I pray to our god, CliffyB himself, that TC learns from their major mistakes with this one, but knowing them, that is unlikely. Gears is dying.

But this was not the intended discussion for this thread. I was hoping to see everyone discuss the characters they want to see, but at this point, I don’t see that happening. Not with the way how TC is running things. They may think we are toxic, but they need to take a step back and realize that they are the ones who have, and still are causing the toxicity in this community.

I’d just hoped they would at least bring Lizzie around this month. But that didn’t even happen, so I’m still stuck with playing either Kait or JD for Horde and the same ol three Hivebuster characters in Escape. Not that Lahni, Mac or Keegan are bad, but I prefer to have a little more variety than that if playstyles are already locked to characters. Instead I was disappointed… but I kinda had prepared myself for that occurring anyway.

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Exactly. The fact that there are no Carmines playable yet a month into the game is a travesty.

Took them months to add the Carmines into Gears 4 as well… and they were introduced as “Zombie” skins as well, at least Anthony and Benjamin, at first. Took them another month to bring regular Carmines alongside Clayton.

But instead of Color Blast and Zombie characters now there’s Terminator characters and Terminators running around. This might sound crazy but I actually preferred the former because while they were a bit odd looking, they were at least based off of actual Gears characters and the “worst” thing I remember being there were the RTJ head swapped characters which didn’t really stand out. And were barely used as well.

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Again, totally fair points. I can’t be the only one who can see right through TC’s lies regarding the Terminator crossover. Rod said that the reason they put Sarah Connor in the game is because she has a similar story arc to Kait. A civilian who eventually becomes a battle hardened soldier. Thus warranting a crossover. But c’mon. You expect us to believe that, especially when Mortal Kombat had the same crossover? Add to that the fact that no one on the planet is looking forward to the movie, but yet ads for it are freakin’ everywhere. It’s obvious to me that TC, along with a bunch if other companies, was paid a large sum of money to promote a movie that no one will remember in five years.

Also, regarding the RTJ pack, I didn’t mind it at all. It was one of the two times I purchased microtransactions in Gears 4. The other time was when they did the hurricane charity pack. The reason I bought it is because I’ve been a huge fan of Run The Jewels for years. But I’d be the first person to admit that it is very out of place in Gears 4.

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Did he really state that? I have not seen this mentioned anywhere and it seems like a weak excuse at best. Although I’m not sure how much money changed hands for this deal and/or where it all went. Sarah’s story has literally nothing at all to do with Gears nor is it even told or hinted at. Let alone Kait’s, who also isn’t an ordinary civilian by our standards seeing the kind of environment/community/background she grew up in which is probably going to have some influence on her throughout her life.

And it’s not like she’s very fond of being in the COG overall either, but the Swarm didn’t really leave her much choice on that front unless she wanted to risk suffering the same fate as her mother.

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Here’s my source.

To think they believed it would “improve the experience for everyone across both franchises”. Wow. And I thought I’d seen it all. This only improves the experience for Terminator fans. For which, well, an entire movie franchise already exists… and I still don’t see how Kait’s story compares to that of Sarah simply because they get pulled into a conflict against their will and there’s a personal aspect to it.


Exactly. Plus, The Terminator stopped being relevant in 2001. The majority of fans of the franchise agree that everything after T3 doesn’t exist. They never happened. They are the Gears Judgment of the Terminator franchise. You do not acknowledge its existence. They’re just milking it for money at this point.

The problem is that this game isnt tailored for us anymore because theres not enough of us to make the franchise money in this new age of gaming

Franklin and Chaps from Gears 1?