Full Kilo Squad skins set for Gears 5? (+extra)

So we’ve already got:

  • Kilo Squad Paduk
  • Kilo Squad Baird


  • Cole (Cole is in the game so why not include his Kilo skin?)
  • Sofia (coming soon?..)


  • TROY*

*why not put in a new JACK skin in to add TROY, then in Gears 5 Horde it would be possible to fill out the 5 man squad with the full 4x Kilo Squad members + TROY.

An armoured Captain Hoffman and younger Bernie would tie in with these.
As well as the E-day Anya.
It’d be nice to have old skins back soon, especially as I like the Kilo Cole look.

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Even Dave hasn’t come yet.


I think it’s time to accept that we are never going to see Sophia again. She was asked for a lot in Gears of War 4 and still nothing.

Please don’t link to leaks on here :slight_smile: