Full FFA Gameplay video

By people who actually know how to play


This map looks so fun. I can’t tell this is my new main mode.

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Beat me to it.

It looks extremely fun


Looks cool, short game though, may want to extend it to 50 kills

This looks really fun. I was thinking this would be my new main mode, but this seals it.

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I imagine that was just highlights. That’s how it appeared to me at least.

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These were highlights most likely. 30 kills in 5 mins would be hard to do for anyone.

I’m guessing the games are 10-12 minutes.

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Yea its highlights my bad, still wouldnt mind a 50 kill one though

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Looks like they finally are getting the bloodsprays in.

Is it just me or does the movement look faster and a bit more smooth?


Do bloodsprays come on your screen when they one shot you now? Bc if so that would make bloodsprays a lil more wanted

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When you get killed, your opponent’s bloodspray will now appear on your screen. This is a new feature coming in Operation 2.


That’s a nice touch

Interesting that their names are listed as their character rather than gamertag.

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It’s possible the movement changes Ryan has been discussing could be making it’s way in Operation 2 / Title Update 3

I hope the maps play well and it isn’t dominated by lancer play.

Why not just gnasher only? Would people be against a gnasher only FFA?

This should help the community with two things:

  1. Play alone and avoid blindfolded teammates.

  2. Hopefully people will hop on FFA when they feel irritated and are sure to quit or when they dont have enough time to finish a game. Maybe less quitting in other modes?

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looks good

Probably will be my new fave when I have 30 some odd minutes to play.

It looks fun,might tear myself away from horde and play few game(s)

My only concern is that it looked like no duplicate characters allowed?

Or am I wrong?