Fuel Depot worst TDM map, so unbalanced

Don’t put it in gow5 please. Only 2 ways out of spawn so can get easily spawn trapped and takes like 45 seconds to get out of spawn so the other team can set up easily before you get there. I just quit if it’s this map.

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Every map sucks for TDM because TDM doesn’t work in Gears



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I forgot that 1 spawn is closer to the power weps too

Nothing beats Blood Drive’s abomination :smile:
Blood Drive’s spawn is faulty especially in Guardian, and timeframe could span to 1 hour in TDM…ugh!


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Foundation is an example of a good TDM map
3 ways out of sppawn, balanced amount of weapons

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So you quit out of Ranked matches whenever you dont get exactly what you want? It’s players like you that ruin the experience for everyone.

When entering any Ranked match you should be prepared to play on any map not just the ones you favor


This whole “TDM doesn’t work in Gears” is utter nonsense to say the least.

Okay so TDM frustrates you and others? Simply because you lack the mental fortitude to handle losing a TDM match you want the game mode to be removed entirely? Why in the world would TC remove one of the most played game modes in Gears? Makes no sense

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No i dashboard during vote so it gets dissolved

Ohhhhh well that’s alright then I mean your only wasting everyones time by causing lobbies to dissolve over and over again.

I had wondered what was causing so many lobbies to be dissolved in Gears 4 for some time now


I do it only when that map comes up which is rarely but some ppl do abuse it for differant reasons

Which spawn is that??? Everyone spawns the same distance from the power weapon

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Hanger is closer

You’re a quitter. Simple as that. You can justify it to yourself all you want, but the bottom line is you’re a quitter.


No it’s not. The objective is literally to camp in Core tuning while you’re up on respawns. And pushing in Core tuning is a disadvantage to say the least, so it’s broken af. There’s no flow in TDM when both teams are skilled and want to win. The camping team wins.

I’ve played 40 minute long TDM games on Checkout, Impact, Foundation, etc. 3 rounds (2-1) and one stalemate. Each round was 10 mins because both teams were camping until the final minute.

I have a 98% win rate in TDM, so your assumption is wrong. Anyone can look at TDM objectively (without their own stats or frustrations) and see that it’s flawed at the core.

Because it’s broken and the only reason people play it is for simplicity, laziness and quickest queues. Even once people realize TDM stucks, they keep playing it because it has the biggest population. Then the population never dies because it’s a vicious cycle.

The population doesn’t always know what’s good for them. That’s why there are so many obese people in North America. People go to McDonald’s even when they know it’s unhealthy.


Thats not true at all. Every map the teams spawn the same distance to the major power weapon.

And just like @Bleeding_Pepper said you are a quitter. Just get over it. Theres a bunch of maps that I dont like that doesnt mean Im gonna leave. Also your playing a trash game mode.

Although the spawn may be “fine” (debatable but let’s say it is), that doesn’t mean the map is good for TDM. I’ve played 40 minute games on that map simply because the entire team can camp throughout one half of the map and be an unbreakable wall.

Imagine 1 person in spawn, 2 people pistons, 2 people in the fountains area on the other spawn. Good luck breaking through :slight_smile:

haha another elitest comp player
bro i stomp comp players all the time why do they think they are so amazing at this game…
and i’m not going to play a map that gets me mad. It’s literally the only map that makes me rage.
You take 1 minute to run out of spawn only to get killed by some kid hiding behind a wall near your spawn because your team lost the intiial fight. It’s just not a good map it takes too long to get out of spawn.

@mike_yaworski @UniversalTuning


Can’t help it! :smile:



Wow your such a elitest ■■■■

and bragging about a 98% win percentage don’t mean ■■■■. You could easily get carried in a stack to all your wins. What’s more accurate is your rank.