Frustrated with my appointments and events

Due to the recovery process. All the doctors and therapies I miss part of shows or things and often miss the chance to claim things. I do appreciate that they are recorded so I can still see the action.

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Well that’s life, to be honest. Recovery and heath should not be a priority over claiming skins. Skins is meaningless and has no value.

All is not lost though, I believe skins will be given out tomorrow too but likely different ones will be handed out based on community choice.

During my recovery all I can do is watch tv or play video games. I do not have much to look forward to except my next treatment or playing games it is just nice when I can watch my favorite games when I can’t play them and the skins give me something to look forward to and to have something new to use in the only medium I can use. Both are my only escape right now and give me a distraction and since of achievement. This is therapy

So not true. Gears skins should come above all else. This one time i was going to miss the phantom hammerburst, so i spin kicked my boss in the throat. Never missed a gears skin because of work again!

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