Frozen Rank stats

frozen stats,wins does not increase my stats,seems like i didnt play at all,im gettin tired,whats the point of playing ranked match if im getting no progress at all

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If it’s just today/yesterday, I believe it’s because the servers are having issues. The server problems caused me some serious losses in TDM but I didn’t derank at all for some reason.

Perhaps you were beating people that has a lower skill rating than you and so you didnt rank up?

Either way for any discussions on the ranking system, it would be best if you post in the main ranking system and discussion thread so TC can see ranking system discussions all in one place. Plus Octus does respond to people post, perhaps if you post there he can explain wh your not ranking up.

There’s something else going on at the moment. My fiends and I keep getting put in matches with the wrong character skins, some of us get in the match while others are stuck in the loading screen. I didn’t see any rank changes after a series of bad losses.

This guy’s complaint might be a general one but if it’s just in the past 24 hours, there’s a server issue and MS posted that they were working to get it fixed.

Fair enough, but i still dont get why people care about ranking up, just reach gold and then let it be end of it. Rank is meaningless until in game issues been fixed.

I don’t care about rank as far as bragging rights go but the thing that sucks is getting stuck in lobbies with low level players. I don’t like killing them and I don’t like them screwing off in game. I like tough matches where my skills are pushed

Indeed, maybe during certain times not enough skilled players playing?

I used to tell everyone that. But now it’s even during prime hours. Makes me sad the state of this game.


As stated please keep all Ranking System discussions on the main thread:

TC is very active on that thread, and it’s the best place to provide your feedback.