From the dev stream: There IS NO LAG compensation in Gears

Last night they explicitly said there IS NO LAG COMPENSATION in Gears, outside of the trade window.

So everyone can stop blaming Lag Compensation.


From the dev steam: no region locks… But a ping filter, yes

They said there are no region locks, but there is a ping filter quality…

My question which I submitted but which wasn’t answered was WHAT IS THAT PING FILTER/LEVEL?

Because we’ve all seen games with opponents in the 500-800, even 1100 ping…

I’m going to guess they don’t keep checking people during the game, so if you have a ping of 250 at the start, they say “that’s ok”, and if you keep hovering around 600 in the game, well, no one notices that…

From the dev stream: stop trying to understanding the ranking system

From the dev stream last night: their ranking system is completely convoluted, it has publically visible “rank” (which is what you see), it has hidden classifications, you can have one go up while the other goes down, both ways, one is used to motivate yoy, one is used for matchmaking, things adjust per ROUND (not just per match)… the hidden one carries over, somewhat, from past seasons, public doesn’t.

Something about if you are winning half your games you are supposed to be where you are…

Diamonds are all just 1 tier (so D1 and D5 are just “diamond” for matchmaking purposes)

Deaths dont matter in KOTH (so your “K/D” is irrelevant in KOTH; you are expected to die a lot in KOTH breaking and such).

Based on the tone of what they were saying it seemed they were satisfied with how it is working, “works as intended”, so I suspect this is what Gears 5 will have.

So, bottom line, there is NOTHING simple or clear about it, don’t try to understand it (it’s “opaque” they said a few times), and get all worked up about it, just play and try and get better…

What’s “better?” you ask? What ever the system will consider “better”. And what is that? See above post.


That’s because lag compensation is a buzz word and not an actual technology. They’re using something to let high pings be ahead of a low ping though. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be more behind on a 8ms than I am on a 60ms.

Basically, their prediction algorithm is busted. It does a poor job of showing where this player is due to their poor upload bandwidth (maybe?). If so, that’s even more reason every high ping should be left locked together on a remote island (server) where they can have lag fiestas.


Yea I asked that lol

Hahah, ahh, gotacha, so it’s a case of “there is no universally accepted name, so we choose to call it Y so we can say there is nothing called X in our system” :slight_smile: Even if Y has the same/similar impact/effect as what people usually call X…

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Lol, at least they answered it even if they weren’t 100% open about it. There has to be some form of technology otherwise it would be unplayable for anyone with a ping higher than the one below theirs. Their prediction algorithm is messed up as is their overall netcode which becomes obvious when a low ping player has several movement issues anytime a high ping is present. These issues becomes even worse when you’re near the high ping player.

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Exactly, the term lag compensation is actually just a way to describe what’s being done. Even The Coalition has come out and said that Lag Compensation isn’t a technology in itself but a description of techniques that are used.

Remember, something has to be in play here. Otherwise a 1ms would destroy a 105ms player every time. But in this game it’s the opposite. The point of “lag compensation” is to even the playing field. But all it does in this game is reverse who’s at an advantage.

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Remember Bill Clinton? “I did not have xxxx relationships with that woman”… (he just had a different internal definition of “xxxx relationships”, haha…


I like how they danced all around the question lol

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Someone should tell TC denying the facts doesn’t change the truth. The old saying “statics don’t lie but liars make statics.”

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That’s entirely dishonest. There is absolutely lag compensation used or the game would be unplayable. If they are trying to call it something else and pretend it doesn’t exist under that name, then it’s just another example of them being obtuse and seemingly out of touch to their customer base.

I have posted clips of G4 exhibiting generous lag compensation. Hell, now that I think of it, BattleNonSense went into it in his G4 netcode analysis video which anyone here can find on YouTube. Maybe TC should watch it and learn about G4’s netcode.


I’ve been kicked multiple times at different stages of the match for high ping. Anytime I have left torrents running and I peak above 250 for too long.

Kicked specifically for ping with msg and all.

Maybe they meant there is no ping filters on certain regions…

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They’ve said before that the matchmaking looks for their ping while searching. Once you’re in the lobby there’s no monitor. So during a search this enemy with a 90ms ping (as theyre within that ridiculous 250ms window) is allowed in. They can then start using torrents to screw up matches for everyone because the game doesn’t care at that point.

I’ve seen players steady 1100ms for a whole match without being booted. Their threshold is ridiculous.

“Familia, STOP USING THE INTERNET! I am searching for a game!!”

(90seconds later).

“Ok, everyone, back on netlix now!”


I’ve basically felt this is how it goes, lol.

you mean back to telemundo


Why do I get kicked in game then for exceeding ping limitations?

That’s what I don’t understand.

Mexico 1100 - no problem

USA 250 - das boot


The problem is that SKILL is hard to define.

Is it K/D? Well then you can just boost your K/D by playing super safe and making sure you win more fights than you lose, regardless of how the fight actually impacts the game.

Is it W/L? Well then stacked teams have a HUGE advantage because they are probably going to win a lot. Also, if your team wins but you barely contributed should you be equally rewarded? What if you did all the work, shouldn’t you get rewarded MORE for that?

Is it points? Well then in KOTH if you play objectives you will be super high rank, even if you suck awfully at actually playing the game and have no game awareness or anything.

Is it purely your standing at the end of the game? Well if it were than the skill of your opponents and teammates would have to be considered since you couldn’t have gotten 60 kills and 40 downs if the enemy wasn’t just blatantly walking into your Lancer fire.

Truth is, it’s a combination of all this and then some. Your SKILL can be measure but it’s not easy. That’s why is so convoluted and screwy because they have to take EVERYTHING into account.

I honestly don’t get the obsession with rank anyway. The way matchmaking works you get paired with all sorts of ranks, so it’s almost worthless in that sense. I’m a diamond level player (or at least I was when I last played the game like >6 months ago), but I get put into games with Golds and Silvers. This makes absolutely no sense to me, as I’m just going to stomp these players in a 1v. Just because both teams have a diamond, onyx, 2 golds, and a silver DOES NOT make the game balanced. The only time there is balanced MM is if everyone in the game is roughly the same skill level. Otherwise games come down to individual chance encounters, diamond v silver, onyx v gold, etc. If diamond A beats diamond B in a 1v, then chances are they can snowball that into map control and more kills if you consider they will more often beat players of lower rank. Now diamond B has to beat diamond A while they have weapons advantage AND map control AND numbers advantage. That’s a loss for B. And the golds/silvers have so little chance to change that they almost become moot. The game turns into “which diamond can kill the other diamond first”.


!00%. I’ve said this many times.

Their system would be strange but fine, if every game was 5 golds vs 5 golds or 5 diamonds against 5 diamonds - or just a little off (3 onyx 2 diamonds against 3 diamonds 2 onyx)

but the reality of a team of 1 diamond, 2 onyx, 1 gold, and 1 silver against 4 onyx, 1 bronze is completely ignored by their system. And that’s what low player population causes to happen…

But, the point is, I think we can stop trying to make sense of it… Just work on getting better, and ignore all the strangnesses, because those aren’t going away.

Everyone, there is NO SIMPLE FORMULA: you know “if I MVP I move up”. if I win 10 in a row I move up. etc, etc.

So any posts like that (you know, “I won 10 in a row, and nothing, and lose 1 and drop, hello???”), they are pointless…

The system is “working as intended”, and while they might be half open about their long term intentions (to make it hard to make Diamond) they are completely opaque about the implementation details, describing it in the vaguest of terms…

It is what it is. I think, at least for me, this put the final nail in the coffin of trying to make sense of it…

Just play for fun… And if your performance is what the system thinks is “good:”, you’ll move up in your public rank. Separate your interpretation of your skill from the system’s.

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Well like I said I’m diamond level player, and placed as such when I actually play ranked (or high onyx). So the way it ranks you does indeed work. It’s just as you point out, worthless if you’re not getting pair with/against equally skilled players across the board.

Like what do they expect to happen in these games? If I run into the gold players I’m just going to body them so hard they reconsider their life decisions. It’s not fun for them to not even stand a chance, and it’s subjectively not fun for me because there is no challenge. Sure I’ll have fun for the first few goes but then it’s kinda boring. Might as well play Horde.

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