From the dev stream: stop trying to understanding the ranking system

From the dev stream last night: their ranking system is completely convoluted, it has publically visible “rank” (which is what you see), it has hidden classifications, you can have one go up while the other goes down, both ways, one is used to motivate yoy, one is used for matchmaking, things adjust per ROUND (not just per match)… the hidden one carries over, somewhat, from past seasons, public doesn’t.

Something about if you are winning half your games you are supposed to be where you are…

Diamonds are all just 1 tier (so D1 and D5 are just “diamond” for matchmaking purposes)

Deaths dont matter in KOTH (so your “K/D” is irrelevant in KOTH; you are expected to die a lot in KOTH breaking and such).

Based on the tone of what they were saying it seemed they were satisfied with how it is working, “works as intended”, so I suspect this is what Gears 5 will have.

So, bottom line, there is NOTHING simple or clear about it, don’t try to understand it (it’s “opaque” they said a few times), and get all worked up about it, just play and try and get better…

What’s “better?” you ask? What ever the system will consider “better”. And what is that? See above post.

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