From new to old gears

I don’t get why we are going backwards. Last tuning was good the only thing that needed to be change was the air back A. I don’t understand why the excessive amount of tuning changes. Over the years gears started of slow and worked its way up to a more of a fast paste game. Just look at gears 3 for example where the community had millions playing it. It was also a way faster and smoothest gears then any other gears. Besides dealing with the retro n saw off. Start moving forward and not backwards for gears we are just going to lose more loyal gears players. Everyone complains about everything. Movement to fast or they can’t do a certain shot. Gears isn’t a game where you pick up and expect to be good. You have to play and learn the ropes. Now I feel like you guys are making the game for people who never played gears. Stop making the games to easy. Where is the skills from hardaim and strafing now gameplay is boring asf.


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