From Judgment to Gears 4 to this? Judgment 2.0 aka gears5

How did Gears Judgment flop so hard that Coalition made Gears 4 almost exactly like Gears 3. To just go around and turn Gears 5 into Judgment 2.0? The multiplayer plays nothing like the Gears of War we all know and love. Along with that they’ve turned Gears into the nascar of xbox. With all these other game ans movie characters and logos inter mixed with banners or character skins. Gears has lost its identity. Now you can be Emile from halo reach killing the Terminator leaving behind a forza blood spray and show off your state of decay banner. Who did Coalition sell out to? And how do we get Gears of War back???


You’re jaded.

Also, Gears 5 plays absolutely nothing like Judgment. Go play a match and come back. I’ll wait.

Oh, and they didn’t sell out to anyone. It’s not like they had to pay to use characters and logos from other Microsoft properties.


He probably means sold out in regards to the integrity of the series.

■■■■■■■ Halo and Terminator are out of place for the same reason Pride and Earth Nation flags are. The game takes place on a fictional alien world and the creatively bankrupt Coalition keeps tossing in earth cultural references.

Epic at least tried to fit that stuff into the Gears world. They didn’t have football on Sera for instance, they had Thrashball. Ice-T played a character, Griffin, who had an arc and swore vengenance against Marcus because of what happened in Gears 3. The Coaliton puts Run the Jewels in Gears 4 and they are…just some Earth rappers thrown into the game with no context. Batista will probably be the same.


Gears 4 was nothing like Gears 3.

Gears 3 was and still is miles of ahead of all 3 games that have proceeded after.


I have played. Why do you think I have these opinions?

This gears plays closer to judgment than any other gears. The artwork, weapon functionality, and movement are so much like what made judgment a flop.

I dont think coiliton paid anyone to use their logos or coalition. In fact I think the opposite. They were paid to do it. Gears is in an independent universe. None of that stuff has any place being in the universe.


You’re acting like the Terminator is in campaign and you’re being forced to use a banner you don’t like. Seriously, it’s such a non-issue it’s almost funny.

And, again, Gears 5 plays nothing like Judgment. 3 and 4 are both closer to Judgment in terms of movement and gameplay.


The Terminator is probably the only good thing about it.

We’ve played vastly different games then.

At first I thought the Cog/UIR thing was too ‘Earth-like’… But that was NOTHING in comparison to what has been added since.
“Creatively bankrupt” is a great way to put it.


Dont disrespect judgment please … It had tons of new ideas … This game has almost none …

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Yeah, licensing yet-unreleased-movie characters from Paramount/20th Century Fox isn’t cheap. Terminator: Dark Fate comes out in November. I’d expect the Gears’ Microtransactions to ramp up after that movie flops and the movie studios demand a bigger cut of the licensing deal.

Not that I agree that they are alike, but I actually enjoyed Judgment. I’ve had a great time playing all the Gears games including this one.

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Judment was really cool i thought itd be lame BUT i loved it this game is still evolving after 5 games and im loving it
I just hate the gnasher… lol i love its a power weapon on normal deathmatch which it should be its a 1 hit weapon and it should be because its a shotgun.
But it would be nice to see it take a overall nerf and in classic and ranked make it so you can only use 1 primary lancer/gnasher/ hammerburst

Ive been a diehard gears fan for 12 years now and i would say its more like judgement because they nerfed the gnashers and buffed all ranged weapons and kill times are so fast. Might as well call it COD now. Also the microtransactions in this gears are way more greedy than ever.

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Eh no lancers needed a buff

I would say gears 4 is judgement 2.0, gears 5 is much better campaign wise, not so multiplayer wise right now but it’ll get better :slight_smile:

I agree whit u,this shith isnt gears .

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the skillful always used walbouncing and shotguns and now its just hide and lancer and then down with your shotty after you get them one shot. just not proper gears. epic did a much better job so far.

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You are totally right.

Gears is like a joke now.

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Ive loved all of them but 5 is the best in my book arcade tdm is the bomb and is anything but camping even when there are campers the get naded out