From here on out the best advertising this game is a clutch video? hear me out

Just show us like a 2-3 minute continuous clutch video of 1 clip with no fast forwards or rewind; the maximum number of minutes.

the clip is either choreographed, or real, doesn’t matter b/c we’re looking for entertainment w/the “what you are about to see is real in-game footage” intro text, or at least something to that effect, that’s either true through a play on word’s or just is true with no intentions of misleading fan’s towards thinking, and migrating to a new favorite Youtuber or player to watch… that being said you hide most of everyone’s gamer tag that appears for a few reason’s:

  1. no potential suing (if that is a ‘thing’ ).
    2.people will know it’s not bot’s more likely.
  2. and to not give anyone credit or discredit
    So What are we asking? mostly really fast/good roadie strafe/strafe changed directions with really fast ‘pop shot’s’ included but not all the time… mostly blind firing actually (for better view for viewers). some wall bouncing, but less frequent then roadie strafes/strafes (haven’t heard anyone complain about how fast roadie strafes/strafes included look) enemies have to be close together with shotgun and the guy left last man standing has to be close to enemies/in the midst of being surrounded with 1 or 2 most lancer guys (maybe only 1 though) firing from over cover while the fight is going on. the last man standing most use a shotgun the whole time you might figure it out shortly why only shotgun… the Guy most miss a lot of shots while dodging missed shots at him for a long duration before he kills every one fast (only 1 sec and a half between dead players allowed… 2 secs? ). He must also have a part of holding his shots while just dodging, miss shot’s. Plus he must get at least 2 quint’s or more within the clip’s duration of a 2-3 minute duration. He has to include gibing, at least 2 people from a fast run up to a raised platform (if he can include from a fast descend platform as well, that’s great but the run to quick raise up on platform gibing, must be included).
    So why, must he miss then not shoot while dodging bullets/shots? because people like an underdog; with each miss he becomes more of a ‘underdog’ and then when he doesn’t shoot at all he becomes a showoff, and after the missing first many times, you become quite possibly more tolerant of his ‘show off’, ways. And another must… Win the Match. Have the Match won banner included. (but not included in the clip’s time limit.)

How do we do this? we’ll we’re asking quit a lot if there is a real genuine clutch clip out there. So we ask every pro player with talent, to be the victims of a really good all around player who could be a pro himself; really good at strafing/roadie strafing and a good bouncer (as in wall bouncer) too. Maybe Mx Helios could do this? iGlassArrows? Avexy’s?
Anyway with this is all done, (maybe every pro player has a chance to make this clip happen, which if they all do, then just pick the best one [as in which is a shorter clip? etc.] your outer text is "what you just witnessed is why I… picture/vid of dev/studio-we/fan-youtuber/pro player-again to I… Love Gears FILL IN BLANK… or something to that extent… was the best moment/feeling of my life? that one, might be too much.

Cheer’s to This new way of advertising gears!

It would be good if done right but unfortunately Gears 5 is bleeding players.

Also montagers (back when Gears had those) used to upload their best stuff all the time.

Also, aye lemme clutch

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No one cares about that in Gears 5. Look at the abysmal numbers on twitch and YT. People aren’t watching Gears 5. There’s still people playing it. But, the new mechanics kinda killed the whole “sick outplay” aspect we had in 3 and 4.

I find Mx Helos, and Mx Glint, and this guy I find by putting gears 5 immortal in YouTube search bar, clutches very entertaining especially their newer ones… others are good too, but they tend to increase their standards with every video just about, from what I observed.
I think most of the entertainment factor dwindles mostly or only when ever I remember how broken the game Is and thinking to myself “do these clutches even count”.