From Gold 3 to silver 3

Ive dropped from Gold 3 top 50% down to silver 3 100% and between those i was at Gold 2 and 1 top 100%…

Before i started gaming today I had 17k points ,it went down with 10k and the rank drops down one division after each game…
all this happened during 3 games,2 wins ( 1 with 2nd best overall ,1 with mvp) 1 game lost… ive worked myself up from silver 1 this last week, and now this ■■■■ hits me,… fix my rank


Do you forum search bro?

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There are no answers to his question in this forum. I’ve lost 9000 skill points even though my rank has already been re calibrated once.

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Thats not an answer on my question

That’s a no then.

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Maybe you could provide an answer for us if you would be so kind?

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There is no answer. TC messed it up for a second time. And again, no explanation. Maybe they’ll do what they did last time and release a blog post 8 hours after breaking everything.


I’ve gone from onyx 1 to silver 2 in a day??? How they can justify taking 9000 skill points away from me with no explanation is nonsense. They could have left the skill points as they were an made the adjustments accordingly, the whole thing is BS.

I only lost 2500 points overnight, with no explanation or indication why

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The ranking systems ■■■■■■ at the minute that’s the only answer… i don’t think there’s much point paying attention to it until it’s fixed.

Didnt you know? Gold+ players dont lose, that’s for Silver and Bronze players. God forbid you do bad once at a high rank. TC ranked logic.

With aim assist and lancers being so strong and bad maps, i don’t really take rank seriously.

This game has had more problems and complaints than 3 and 4 combined.

Everyone on my friends list has stopped playing ranked because of this.