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From 6x66 to d@m near zero


After 6><66 exp week ended,the exp needed to level up comes so d@m slowly now, it’s not funny at all,we need some premenent type of exp boost to save are sanity…

(mike yaworski) #2

Yeah seriously, 3x XP should be the norm. The normal XP rate is horrible

(WrinklyHornet34) #3

Its taken me about 2 years to get to wings 5 or 6. Getting to the max level will take a whole lot of time. I mean ill still play until the release of Gears of War 5 is release but wouldn’t mind a permanent XP boost. As well as that looking at the level bar move very little after finishing 50 Inconceivable rounds is depressing lol.

(Potato Boy 025) #4

So is this officially one of the hardest games to level up in or is there worse?