Frigid blast weapon skins but red with yellow lightning?

I was playing earlier and saw someone who had these skins. I tried asking them what they were called and how to get them but they said nothing…I have never seen them before. Does anyone know anything about these skins?

They are the Windflare skins. Only 3 have been sold so far.

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The Windflare ones are purpleish with yellow lightning. The red ones are called arid gale. They did respond to what I asked.

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You have to master weekly escape hives to obtain them.

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Does this mean I have to beat it on master difficulty or is there something else required as well?

I think I got the Boom shot skin for that, was in the top 10% reward of one of the older Escape maps, I think…the Hunter or something like that, forgot the name…it looks great, one of the nicer skins you can earn.

I think they are called something like ‘Arid Gail’ skins…that off the top of my head

You gotta master a featured hive before it leaves the playlist. As of this new hive you have to get to top 1% for the boltok i believe.