Friends Marker & Female characters

I wish there was a way to know at all times where your friend is. I know there is that feature where you press shift on pc and you see everyone’s names and ammo locations and such. But, I wish we had a blue or green outline of friends to know where they are at all times. I remember World at War had that and it was fun as hell.

Also add more female characters. My wife and daughter love to have the choice to be a female. I can understand that. I personally like playing as a male all the time. Characters that we can unlock or buy on store.

Cog Gear.
Kat/Terminator Ladies

There’s less but there’s quite a few females. I’m not saying we don’t need anymore, but I just felt like the wording made if sound as if there were only two characters or something.

But a special outline would be cool. It’s in Modern Warfare and Battlefield, useful. But in Gears and Rainbow Six I never see my allies without having to focus and that takes me out of my focus on the enemies.


Since when is Del female?!


Are you assuming Del’s gender is male??


Didn’t you know? Del’s really short for Delilah.


Why oh why!


Considering his full name is Delmont, that his voice is distinctly male sounding and looking, I think it’s fairly safe to say he is. Now, whether he thinks of himself as a man, that’s a different matter entirely, and one that I cannot speak on.

I thought it was short for Delish!

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Ah, Christmas… The nice gathering around with family, presents, alcohol, lots of food, the yearly “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?” discussion and the everlasting topic whether Del is a female or not.


I thought it was Delphine.

If you were good enough friends, you’d know by intuition where they are at all times.

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I remember old school Reach having the ally Mark to be green , making it clearly distinguishible from other randoms being blue.
Also in Gears 1/2 there was a plain black dot showing you what character your mates were using , and also their weapon.
This change would be pretty much appreciated.

Oh and I don’t mind having men and women characters launched at the same rate , I really don’t like killing women.
Also their hitbox is crazy thin so … More of them?
Keep it fair , please.

Perhaps a DB character with female voice?
I know TC is very reluctant to hire new voice actors , just imagine how many people would use that.

Hell , they could even menage to obtain a female voice by remixing the existing ones with a synthesizer.

Oh no, sweet lord no…

Gears 6 Iris gets a body…
Baird and Iris
Joker and EDI
Fry and Lucy Lu Robot

Where will it end!? :frowning:

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:musical_note:Why, why, whyyyy…:musical_note:

I had to. I’ll see myself out.


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Yeah, sure, whatever. This stopped being funny when it started.

You sir are a salty nonce

And you can’t seem to accept that someone doesn’t find this “joke”, or whatever it is, funny when it really isn’t. Have a good day.

I haven’t seen someone ever be this angry over nothing. Did you have a rough Christmas?

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