Friends for gears 5

i need more friends on gears 5 find me on xboxone gamer tag is sylvanmart1n

thank you

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ill send a friend request, i need more friends also, list is pretty low with people playing gears 5

What timezone you in?

I need more friends 2 all my old friends stop playing gears if u want to add me my GT- OG FATTY72 I’m eastern time zone

I need some gear buds too. XD i havent been as active on my xbox till this game came out.

GMT zone

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I mainly play horde and escape but your welcome to join me.
I’m in the UK and mainly play on a weekend.

Ill add you too, I’m a trucker in the UK and play mainly late evenings and weekends whenever I get the chance

I’ve added you back.
I work afternoons and evenings ( so called nights)
. Hopefully we’ll get some games on weekends though

Scottish here.

Feel free to add.


I’ll look out for you online



Add MrBeardz, I’m just at work ATM. I have 60% medal progress and top 2% in escape.

Nice! I’m no where near that far done I just don’t have the time. Added :slight_smile:

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Kroger = gamertag. Just looking for a group of likeminded gamers to play Horde with. Usually on at night.
Feel free to add.

Added :smiley:

I just need help to get past the Matriarch. Am in Australia AEST and as frustrated as hell. I also don’t claim to be good but have managed so far.

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Feel free to add me mate, I can be your Michael Bevan.


Welcome to the forum. @FaddySwine0


Matriarch?. If you mean on campaign stand in the middle of a frozen puddle don’t move reload or anything. Just let it walk to you shoot in from then run round back. She’s blind but got great hearing and can hear you reload from the other side of the map as I found on insane.

Welcome to the forums :blush::+1:

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