Friendly Fire is the worst idea

i’m sorry but friendly fire should not be a thing & its going to be toxic for griefers in comp & will ju st make comp not enjoyable for people… plain & simple,… but if you had a friendly fire comp playlist then i can understand one playlist for comp having friendly fire as an option

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friendly fire is only on in Esports


you sure?

Positive. Friendly fire was and never will be a thing in online. But was on with tournaments and Esports

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Friendly fire is only on in tournaments as said above already. Not in online multiplayer

Gears 1 the host could set it in the lobby options. Joe Graf referred to it as the biggest mistake they made with Gears 1 :wink:


Yea but VERY VERY rarely did this happen

Sneak it in and you could troll your team and opposition :eyes:

Not that I would personally do that :eye::eye:


Ah, the days of Gears 1 and the Big Boss Host Advantage. You could always figure out who host was in the first few seconds of playing. Spongebob GearPants.

You clearly didn’t play on PC.

It happened ALL the time.


He lives in a pineapple with zero ping.


My connection was legendary for host.

I was always nominated to lead it.

And in Gears 2, like 8-9/10 I would get chosen as host.

I had a lot of EU friends who loved it because it was just a tiny delay and helped with bouncing.

Joe Graf confirmed that people with stable connections were preferred (I got host 90% of the time).

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I bought a PC just for Gears 1.

Intel QX6700 @ 3.2GHz
8800 GTX SLI
DDR2 800Mhz RAM
500GB 7,200RPM HDD

Plus a 2K Pro Dell Monitor.


Going from Xbox 360 to Gears 1 PC Ultra @ 60Hz was literally ridiculous.

The detail, clarity and smoothness.

The amount of sniper headshots!


Yeah, full party, a good upload speed and stable ping.

I had a mighty 1Mb Upload back then which was pretty much the fastest residentially available.

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Friendly fire is considered FFA :video_game:

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Naw. Friendly Fire was awesome in Gears3 private matches.

Easiest way to get all your medals for seriously:
Private KOTH match.
Max out the timer, rounds, and points needed.
Backfill bots.
Friendly fire on.
All weapon spawns set to mortar.

Kill everything and get all the kills for yourself. No bots stealing your kills and you get those pain in the butt skunkers out of the way at the same time. Can do the same thing for the warzone last man out stuff. Slaughter your whole team and then win.

Then move on to another weapon set.

That headshot yesterday though. Rec could have won that map. The team kills are stupid. Down two guys bc they slightly got in your line of fire? Then Ghost beats them. Not saying Ghost is unskilled, but we don’t need friendly fire on top of opposition. It leads to accidentally getting (possibly) screwed over because you shot a teammate to pieces during a big money event. Sure, IRL soldiering would have friendly fire risks too, but this is a game about chainsawing and beating monsters to death.

I’m all for friendly fire.

It will help raise awareness of what your teammates are doing. I can’t count the number of times someone walks in front of me throwing a nade, shooting the salvo, etc. If they are going to cause me to die, then they should enjoy a quick death too.

Dang, you can’t even grab the long shot without someone standing in front of you shooting at you or asking you to trade. I’d love to headshot the next player that stands in front and says, “trade”.

Those guys sitting in spawn and spinning? Let me gib them. Please.

It would improve the game.

I do it whenever my friends want to test me (I’m better than all 3 of them.) And they put the worst one on my team in a 2v2, I’ll sneak in Teamkills and kill all three of them in every round.