Friendly fire in PvP/PvE

Ok, there was another thread regarding this a few weeks ago that got promptly deleted under the pretense of “callout” despite the name in the clip being censored. For the sake of not getting this thread deleted I won’t post my clips. Do NOT message me in PRIVATE to share them with you!

There seems to be a glitch that allows players to bypass the friendly fire - rules in Horde and Versus. I don’t know how to trigger it or if it’s a new bug but it happened to me in both modes. In Horde I got burned by the Incendinaries of another player and in Versus someone picked me up as a Meatshield while we were on the same team. If I remember correctly the person who made the other thread reguarly run into the same group of people griefing in Versus so there must be a way to trigger it. I don’t even wanna know how, I just want it gone!

On the contrary, I’d love to know how to do this.

I mean if someone knows how to do it and shares it with us the next few weeks will be absolutely glorios. Just like Uncle Clay got out of hand, I’m certain this would get the attention of a certain group and in return we would get dozens of threads forcing TC to fix it.


Yep I wanna know how its done lol

It has happened to me multiple times. Hit by a friendly grenade in horde on Overload was the most recent but I had someone on my team chainsaw me in half more than once in VS.

I sent a ticket in after it went into the double digits but we all know what TC is like when it comes to tickets lol.

I would imagine if word got out then TC would pay attention like with clay and the soon to be eventually nerfed horde runs. I’m on the case lol.


Hmmm :thinking:

Ive seen this happen in escape, it was a few months ago.

Someone got tagged with a flash in the safe room and then got batista bombed, pretty sure that execution was just out too.

The person that sent me the clip said they can do it in PVP also, they only play on pc.

Only time ive seen friendly fire on.

Is this a PC thing or all platforms?

Both I would say. Checked the profile of both players that caused FF and both were on console.

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Wait, what???!

… He or she didn’t even expose the person and the post still taking down? Hahahahaha

That’s weird.

Did you forget what happened with the skin-leaks? Sweeping things under the rug is TCs usual TO for stuff like this.



It’s bad but that’s absolutely cracked me up :rofl:



Damn I guess I’ll make sure not to tell anyone how to do this glitch so people aren’t going to ruin fun.

Sorry for off-topic post but how do you manage to record everything? Are you a streamer?

Or as soon as you switch ‘ON’ your xbox, you start the recording device for the whole duration?

Xbox has built in DVR running at all times. Guide button, whatever the button with the 2 windows on it is called and then select the duration you want to record. You can record the past 2 minutes in 1080p or past 5 in 720p. Pretty neat to record stuff like this.

Not related to this bug per say but I’ve been vaulted-stunned by my own teammates in Escape quite a few times, usually it happens when someone attempts to vault into a drone the same moment they dodgeroll/when I walk by during their vaulting animation.

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In OP4 blocking the vault-animation could get you OOB, never managed to get hit by it. The only FF I could think of is the slide on the Choke / MB / LE where you can hit each other in the back but that only causes a little stumble.

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I am aware of this. I use this feature too to record my own game clips.

I was under the impression that you used to record hours long of footage and then trim it as per your wish, considering how active you are on the forums as well as on True Achievements.

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I don’t do many interesting things and I haven’t been active on TA for years.

Guess theres’s the explanation. Instead of fixing the exploit they duct-tape it…

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