Friendly Fire In Escape

Why is it that Escape is the only game mode where Friendly Fire is set and cannot be changed?

It’s a setting that’s annoying, and problematic.

Last night, after getting home from work at around midnight, I wanted to play a quick and fun game of Escape. I chose to do Wanderer to level up my class. At first, I was doing fine solo. Then when people joined in Act 2, my game lagged for a moment and I almost died. When I made it to the KR platform and closed the door, I turned on X-Ray and started killing enemies. When my Markza ran out of ammo. I swapped to the Boomshot. Admittedly, I thought X-Ray would still work and shot through and shot at the door only to blow myself up, lol.

Anyway, when the game Act restarts, my teammates, one of them a Pilot, starts speed running. While they do that, I scavenged for ammo and waited for my X-Ray to fully load. My teammates then made it to the helipad and closed the door. When I raced to get back, my two teammates decided to start shooting at me, and because of the Pilot’s Freezing card, I froze. Twice. They focused more on me than the incoming enemies. When I was frozen the second time, a Reject killed me.

Furious at my teammates, especially after just wanting to chill and relax after a long day, I ended the game, preventing anyone from getting any real XP. I messaged one of them, “Seriously?” and they just laughed. I just did it on my own afterwards.

I get that if you Speed Run in Escape, especially on a higher difficulty, you get more rewards an XP. However, I only Speed Run on certain maps–The Clock and Surge. So for my allies to kill me because I wasn’t doing what they were doing pisses me off.

Welcome to playing with randoms in Escape. :slight_smile:


Yeah randoms can be very annoying but if they were about to finish the map why wouldn’t you just let them instead of ending the game? All you did was waste your own time. You don’t get more xp for surviving.

I’ve been frozen by teammates hundreds of times probably.


It’s not the game’s fault but rather douchey teammates.

Some people are jerks. Nothing you can do about it.

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Nah, it is partially the game’s fault. Friendly fire’s inclusion is frowned upon in PVE for a reason.

How a mode plays with randoms and griefers is part of game design, and design matters. I’ve come around on Escape to the extent that I wouldn’t mind it returning with some work, but it inarguably has several massive design flaws that guaranteed its demise in Gears 5.

Its a balanced friendly fire though. You can’t kill yourself and your teammates can’t kill you either. You can only get yourself to 1 HP/Teammates get you to 1 HP.

Still doesn’t serve much of a purpose if you ask me. Just annoys players when someone reckless is on the team(or one of those overzealous Brawler players), and makes practically no difference when people are paying attention.


Use a private lobby so randomers can’t join.


This isnt the games fault though, its a teammates fault. Most of people’s struggles in this game can be directly related to their teammates intelligence level.

Have a stupid teammate? Probably gonna struggle as if you have an extra enemy to fight against. Have a smart teammate? The game is gonna be a breeze. Just yesterday I was playing escape with a friend and we had a random join a few games. That random shot me every single game with explosives when I was meleeing an enemy. It was exactly like having an extra enemy, that I couldn’t kill, following me around making it harder. Not the games fault, its dumb teammates fault.


Granted, but I still don’t think there’s much of a reason to have friendly fire in any mode.


I believe friendly fire is there for a reason.
Escape mode basically means that everything can get you killed - the enemies, your teammates, venom.

It’s all about teamwork and coordination ( ideally). Playing with randoms of course is always hit or miss.

I’ve come across a wide range of players - anything from new and ignorant, new and cautious and fast learners to experienced and wise and experienced and cranky.

If people don’t want friendly fire, horde is the way to go.


And just to add - if you are doing a solo, lock the spots so nobody, not even friends ( my autocorrect wanted to type fiends lol) can join.


Youre the host. You can kick them. Why didnt you do that?

Like earlier tonight I had 2 re-up 50+ join my mist run both as anchors. Worst anchors Ive seen in quite a while. Carried them through both acts, 1 died, the other only had to not do something moronic but instead decided to go full ham with the GL on my position as I was chainsawing enemies.
I didnt care the doors were closing, idiot got a kick right there nd then.

Just to add, there’s some moron whose lobby regularly appears in the lobby browser section titled “do not join me - or be kicked - achievement hunt”. Jesus wept, you can save yourself alot of annoyance if you just did the smart thing and made the lobby private! Gears fans…


Okay, so I joined this guy’s lobby and sat in it for about 30 minutes and he did nothing. Eventually he just left the lobby and started a new one, and started the game. I joined that too while it was loading. He paused it once we loaded in and left. We did this several times and he just kept leaving. I don’t think he knows how to kick people! :smiley:

Okay, according to his gamertag he’s now in an Escape game but his lobby no longer appears in the browser. I think he finally worked out how to create a private lobby! I like to think I contributed to some teaching and learning today.

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Its hard for alot of people to actually look at their screen while they play lol


The worst possible examples of this are Lethal Engagements where people rush in instead of taking it slow by stealth killing enemies at the beginning and Choke where people pull the lever immediately instead of clearing at least one room beforehand.

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Gatekeepers is pretty bad too.

They love to cross the spawn lines and make the Peacemakers spawn when trying to deal with the DR-1s/flyers

I think alot of people under-estimate the role of stealth in Escape.

To be totally fair, I only realised the scale of this when I began to solo hives and I stumbled across some of these. Often the unalerted enemy’s alertness can be really bizarre. I came across a great example of this the other day when The Hive was the daily hive. There were two Drones at the beginning of act 1 positioned in a way which logically seemed as though it was impossible for me to sneak up undetected and be able to meatshield one without alerting the other due to what their line of vision appeared to be. But after I meatshielded one I was more or less directly in front of the other but I wasn’t seen and was able to sneak up to the second one too. I wish I’d made a video now.

But yeah, there’s lots of examples of areas which can be done using stealth where you can meatshieldor execute a large number of enemies without being spotted. The biggest surprise for me was on The Hive - everything up to the last large chamber in act 1 can be done via stealth depending on the exact spawn positions. There’s lots of encounters during Lethal Engagements too. Everything up to the bit where you go downstairs can be stealthed; plus about half a dozen Drones at the start of act 2 can be stealthed before something further up like the Stump or Scion sees you.

The Trap is another one - in act 1 if you take the middle or right hand path you can always stealth-kill all of the Drone enemies (the left has sleeping Rejects which is even easier).