Friend ranks are bad, whats your thoughts

Im just curious, i stopped playing gears 5 in operation 2 and just wanted to feel the room on the friend rank because id be lying if i said that the BFF achievement wasn’t part of the reason i stopped playing. i kinda have an itching to come back but the lack of motivation to get a group of players to play consistently for an insane amount of time seems kinda bad. there are a lot of multiplayer games out there and i want to love gears but instead of focusing on the game sometimes i feel like i dont because of the achievement. now im not saying its all about the achievement because its not, the game has its issues but it also goes through constant changes which is necessary due to the community’s opinion. but i cant help but notice that no one cares about the achievement portion of this game or it is just ignored, i have no idea. anyways i want the BFF achievement to be changed as i consider it a toxic grind that dilutes the game with an unnecessary friend rank that means nothing by the end of the day. unnecessary grind only fester resentment and while playing the game there this terrible mini rank hangs over my head for a stupid digital marker and i think to myself just play a different game. hopefully people see this and tc does something about it…hopefully. what is the community’s opinion.

Ally XP is gonna be adjusted at some point in the future.

When?? Only TC’s knows

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“Coming soon” to an xbox near you.