Friend of mine saw a Jack hijack a Sentinel in Horde

Here is the clip:

I wonder if there is a way to reproduce it.
Oh and this is @Taiyaki_Kid 's clip.


Caught me off guard when I saw a flyer helping us out for a change, its probably map specific?


@GhostofDelta2 you can become even more powerful.

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Might have to try some experimentation later.

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Probably burning duralumin

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That person also managed to hijack a Guardian a few waves prior fyi, flying around with ease gunning down drones.

Does this person have the power to hijack a Warden too? The people need to know.

I’m currently experimenting feel free to @ me lol

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Wasn’t so lucky to see it happen, game kinda fell apart because our Slugger choked on saving people who were down. I guess in theory its possible? Sentinel was hijacked just like any other enemy.

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I’m down to hop in a game and try for a few

Also to clarify, i don’t think this jack player did anything special to get this to happen. Just standard gameplay as far as I’m concerned.

Once I get some work done, I can try some stuff.

Also helps that we had a Mechanic on the team, not sure if theres any weird synergy under the hood that’s happening.

Thanks Koty.

So yeah we tried it same map wave 15 for like 15 mins no luck. Only difference was it was lambent spawn so no leeches.

I had on the normal hijack cards minus explosive hijack, swapped it out for healing reach.

We tried shock turreting it, freezing it, pilot hammer stunning it. I tried a bunch of button combos and both default and classic alt control schemes.

The only thing else that I can think of is there’s a slugger, two demos and mechanic in that lobby.

The rarest thing to me is two demo’s so that might be it, it might also be something to do with the mechanics best friends card, the sluggers impact receiver card, or maybe it was some other card thing.

Sonya Atlas was also suggesting it might be a random lobby glitch thing which makes sense from a coding perspective.

Jack is really glitchy as it is with the wrong class glitch, second Jack glitch, pilot Jack glitch and the visual damage glitch.

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I’m guessing it was just a fluke. The code didn’t run properly or something.

There is two more clues, the lvl 18 demo appears to be shooting it with a salvo and you can also see that it says ‘Demolitions | 18’ on the hijacked sentinel. (Though snakey claims this is common on hijacks and with RE’s DR-1).

A friend of mine told me he heard back in the day there was some nonsense about it but hasn’t heard or seen anything recently.

He also made a good point in asking do you know if the sentinel was able to move after(nvm just saw you claim he moved around ‘with ease’) and is there any more clip to see?

Some people think it’s kinda sus. :shushing_face:

Sadly, he doesn’t have anymore clips. He said the Sentinel blew up when he was done with it.
The Jack could fly around, shoot things and it blew up when it was done.

A clue that may or may not help in solving this is that Jack can hijack Sentinels, Wardens, Stumps and possibly even Leeches in Campaign(dunno if there’s anything you’re not allowed to take over besides the big Swarm). So it could’ve been a code blunder(or whatever you want to call it) from that.

Dang it - I’d like to see Jack highjack flyers with my own eyes.

Dear TC!
We need a special Leech that can hijack/corrupt our Jack!