Fresh start to the forum

Glad that there is a new start to the forums.
Just wanted to say this is a fresh start where we can all
bring our opinions together on a professional level, try to find some fixes to bugs in the game and maybe develop a formula for a universal tuning.
I was in the desert when I was banned from the previous forums but I came to an understanding I needed a break from the forum because, I was flooding it.

I hope the new forum is more successful than the last to a point where The Coalition uses this to answer questions instead of twitter as a primary. You can really write what you need to say and Finish what you need to say in one post. The text limit on twitter allows for fast responses but not High quality responses.

I am very aggressive when it comes to gears as are many of you. I find myself lost when looking for fixes to the damage of weapons in game on LAN etc. I am aware that the CORE tuning is the original style of gears of war gameplay as stated by NodeZero. I believe the shotgun from core and not only 2.0 movement but an omnidirectional bounce should be implemented into gears 4 if possible if not gears 5 as a definite.

As gears players we are all very familiar with the mechanics and I believe we have come to a point where we are playing the game as if it is a future title. We are rolling into walls instead of taking cover. It is now time for a more complex cover system where we can bounce more accurately in each direction where we command our avatar to take cover. I would love to see implementation of more fluid side bounces especially diagonal along with a backward bounce where we can shift from positions when in dangerous situations almost teleportation like.

Also button mapping would be amazing to implement.
If I were able to customize my control scheme to play on alternate but run with and bounce with the same button and roll with another button that would be a miracle.
Removing bloom from the game will provide the player with an experience where they feel they are truly in control of every situation. Pinpoint accuracy no matter where you move without flinching. Steady aim at all times. Instant input times. Fast weapon swapping like judgment. Shooting off of runs like gears 1. No lag like gears 3. Stopping power like gears 3. A pistol like gears 1. Hit detection like gears 3 but gore like gears 1.

There are so many Formulas to making another gears and even though these are just MY opinions stated above I hope the coalition can look into these major issues along with the easy fix of foreigners in matchmaking and try to make a more stable game.
I don’t see myself playing fortnite. Not even for $100m. Money doesn’t matter to me. It’s that gears pride those LAN parties me and my friends used to schedule before they went on to placing pro some even MLG champions. I want to see people grinding for that pride again. We used to play for 200 dollars now its 2 million.

I hope you guys at The Coalition read this and take from it even though I am a very vulgar member of the community, I know gears of war better than anything.

edit: Also have been asking for a long time for a more complex preference menu for the Heads up display. For example would love to have no crosshairs on any of my weapons besides the power weapons. I would like to have the escalation timer on the top left. Last time I checked you can either turn it off or on. Rendering the sniper very inaccurate because there is no crosshair when zooming in and no crosshair when aiming. I don’t like having too many things on my HUD. But I do need to know what the score is in escalation, or tdm even though I don’t play tdm. I dont like how misleading the Gnasher crosshair is or pistol/lancer. I can guide those with ease.