Frenzy solos without Fabricator blocking

Was wondering If anyone here has uploaded any? I know Ultra did a few as Infiltrator but not sure about anyone else to my knowledge. I tried a few today as Robotic Experts Allfathers and made it to wave 4 before I messed up.

I was avoiding a Sentinel (mini-boss) for legit 5mins while killing off smaller enemies drones/juvies until like at 85% finished I kinda just forgot he was flying around because he was honestly really chill unlike most flyers.
Took 3 missiles to the butt and that was it.

My attempts were without Sentry because I think that’d be more entertaining. I’m a firm believer that every class can solo horde frenzy without blocking doorways with fabricator, It’s just a matter of knowledge and skill. I Could be wrong though, I’d like to hear other peoples input on it.

A brutal combination it sounds like.

But I think Ultra is the only one who’s done any solos legit in horde. (Legit meaning no fab blocking and no glitching). He did pretty much the hard maps like a mad man.

It almost feels like cheating If you get a lambent set though. You get a drone pushing you every 30sec and juvies every 10 seconds. This was 1~4 though, I imagine 5~8 lambents get melted by Scions.

the most difficult set early on imo is probably robots. Heavies on wave 1 is silly but trackers feel more forgiving than juvies. DBs are just smarter drones and enforcers can be annoying to deal with.


Yeah Lambent enemies just get bullied by everything.

I also think robots first are the most difficult simply because of the peace makers.

I still wish I completed Dawn as Blademaster the last time I tried a solo frenzy. Made it to wave 12 at least. I really wanted to beat a map that wasn’t an escape tile map as Blademaster. Stupid Kestrel ruined it.

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You already know what I am going to tell you.

You forgot Banana Clip, didn’t you?

In very few people hands maybe. Not sure it is that possible. I watched a few one on YT and it was with ones of the strongest classes (BM and Infiltrator).

Would love to see a slugger alone on Pahanu or Training Ground …

This is how all sluggers should play.

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Have fun with Jack just waiting for your Ult to be refilled…

On a serious note though, I imagine some people might’ve done it? A common candidate might be Atrium simply due to the Relic weapons, even if you were not to block the entryway. A couple barriers might be able to hold them back long enough for you to be able to kill them.

I’m not a fan of Frenzy so I’ll probably never test things related to that.

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If you are smart then you can wait ultimate to come back, that is no issue but yeah it would take forever though :joy:.

Also, I think you would need little bit of luck to. If you avoid tough bosses and mini bosses (e.g sentinels) then you should be okay as Jack.

Edit: I do know friend of mine who has failed on wave 45 as Jack. According to him, he was unlucky due to sentinels kept spawning. But he did told me that if you want ultimate back quicker then you should build barriers or other forts that do damage to enemies (like sentrys). This way whilst cloaked, you can have your ultimate back much quicker.

How long did that take him? I was considering going for it once but I felt it just takes wayyyy too long… especially the early waves.

I’m aware fortifications will become a must there but still.

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Honestly, I don’t know. But you can imagine though :joy::joy::joy:

I love when they do that

Kestrel ruins everything lol