Freezing on PC after 2 years Really TC?

I think I’ve had 5 freezes today trying to play horde on inconceivable. How Microsoft, Nvidia, And TC can’t get their crap together and figure out what’s causing it. I’m not even 100% any of my CPU, GPU, or Ram. It must be in the programming. Maybe if the team weren’t so worried about micro transactions and skins rather than actually making sure the game works on all platforms maybe the player base wouldn’t have nosed dived after 3 months after launch.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


2 years… I know how ridiculous that sounds


You can just pm @AliceInChainsaw @GhostofDelta2 and @Krylon_Blue about all of your pc problems :grin:


Try nvidia driver 382.53 That one crashes very rarely on mine.

The latest drivers are a ■■■■ show. I am lucky to get 3 or 4 games before a crash.

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should we blame NVIDIA or TC?


^ Search and use that if you really can’t take it anymore
I haven’t crashed in 6 months but I better not even think about playing minecraft on the highest settings!

382.33? I always hear that 382.53 is the best for not crashing

That’s probably true but this is just what I use and I no longer crash.

do you get the drivers from Guru3d?

nvidia’s official site

Should I use Guru3d instead? I’m willing to transfer if .53 performs better than .33
I just use .33 because it was suggested in a youtube video

I never find the old drivers through Nvidia site so I use Guru3d . But if you can, use NVIDIA site.

Could you link the nvidia 382.53 site?

Yeah that’s where I usually grab it. Guru or Nvidia


Either, anything after causes the crashing issue.

I had 2 crashes in 5 minutes! im seriously considering selling my 1060 and getting an rx590. I really hope AMD pulls all the stops for NAVI come CES.

use driver 382.53 for now

It is fixed.I have been playing more than a week with no crashes at all with latest drivers.
I just unistalled Xbox game bar (background recording off)

My friend is still having random crashes including twice in a single match at times.

Turn game bar off and Geforce game share settings

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