Freezing every game (obviously PC)

No error code, I just have to close the game and reopen it from the taskbar, but it happens every one or two games. The game just freezes, although I can still hear some audio (for example the panting from running). Is there anything I can do? It happens more often when I have the Xbox app opened and I’m in a party with someone.

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been happening to me all night yesterday but other days runs great

no idea how to work around it


Has it been working up to this point?

If so, think about if there have been any changes made to your PC at all. Check into that.

You may try launching the game and doing an alt+enter to go windowed then do ctrl+alt+del to get into task manager and then select the GearGame.exe under processes and mark the priority as low.

Then go back to your game and alt+enter to go full screen again.

There were some posts about this helping freezes.

I remember reading about that, just couldn’t manage to find it again. I’ll try it out, thanks.

didn’t make any difference for me