Freeze Dodgeville Question

Is it supposed to be Markza, Enforcer and Shock Grenade loadouts? I don’t remember reading that in the daily update thread and there’s no mention of it in the actual event mode description either.

Kind of kills the fun, regular loadout would have been a lot better in my opinion.

Yes it is supposed to be those weapons. I think TC trying different weapon starts is a good thing.


Any link to where TC said it’s supposed to be that way? I can’t find any sources on that. I appreciate them trying new things too, but all my games have been pretty boring as the Markza is gimped in MP and the enforcer is just lame to use in my opinion.

Even so, the Markza works differently in the sense there are the freeze mechanics so I wouldn’t say the normal Markza tuning in PVP is much of an issue for this event.

True, I’ll keep an open mind about it. The synergy between the enforcer and shocks with freeze is a death sentence for sure.

I agree that trying new weapon sets is a good thing, but outside of a mode where you freeze and slow down for all damage taken, there is no way the Markza will ever be a viable starting weapon. At least not with its current design.

It is and I kind of like it. It forces players to change their playstyle. Grenades can actually be use to force people out of cover and open them up for a few shots from your Markza or other pickup weapon. This mode reminds me a lot of Stay Frosty from Gears 3.

Yeah TC really neutered the Markza.

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I play on PC and everybody underestimates it, which is what allows me to get easy kills with 3 headshots on active. ez.

I’m liking it. Markza is the battle rifle and is deadly as it should be. Reminds me of the Split but PVP version.

TC has neutered almost every weapon lol