Freedom Lancer Vol 2 - Just something to laugh at

So with all the problems the game has I thought I’d post this so at least some people can get a laugh out of the game.


I like that my cameo is me getting murdered.

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That was also the match where I saved the hill by liberating the other team lol

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Oh lawd.


I was gonna use this as the intro for my next video :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I hate this broken weapon…

What’s broken about it???

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Why you gotta ruin a good time?

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You know there’s always gotta be a Negative Nacy

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Anything besides Gnasher=OP


The rockets can fly through roofs ect.

Lol I did!?

no they cant. they need open space if theres a roof or anything it will hit it and not go through

Enjoy it before the patent trolls nail you with a copyright strike. Lol

Lol. They can have the money I dont care. Its all for fun

Not just the money.( since you most likely cannot monetize it anyway)

Youtube will delete your video and ban your account after a few strikes.

Thanks for the info I didnt know that. Ive had a few videos up for awhile now. Might have to change a couple of them

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And what happens in your OWN video at 0.13 minutes?

That’s a rare occurrence. I was standing close enough to the open. You cant do that in most spots with a ceiling

Ok… Looks really odd. Gotta test this