Free next gen upgrades should be optional to install

I know this might sound silly at first but I think we should be able to choose if we want ray tracing and all the other fancy stuff. We’ll only have 1tb of storage and for example Black ops cold war already says 100gb on the Microsoft store and that’s already without the patches. To be fair we don’t know how big a difference ray tracing will be added to the file size but still. I know that might be a bad example but what about borderlands 3 and gears

You’ll have approximately 800+ gigs left to yourself after installing the required optics

Yeah and I think about 600 for ps5 after it’s done with everything

So it’s still a good amount for like 20 or so games to have installed more if you’re jumping down to lower generations for some nostalgia

Yeah I guess. Gears 6 already worries me with it’s potential file size haha