Free For All Team Bug

As title suggests this has happened a couple times where I end up on a team with one other person on FFA

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There is a topic for this, so don’t be surprised if this gets locked.

Why do you gotta be an ■■■■■■■

Wasn’t trying to, but I’ve seen topics on this being closed or merged with the official topic. Just trying to let you know in advance


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It’s fine. Text isn’t like voice or face to face conversation. It lacks depth needed for us as humans to understand what the other person feels.

A gamerpic can’t really make an expression.Unless it could,then it would be able to.But yeah I know what you mean,I see this happening all the time,especially on YouTube.Too many people that could’ve been friends in real life that want each other to die online

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Closing as the other thread should be used.