Free for all ranking points

I bet this been mentioned b4. But I find it weird that when I finish a free 4 all match with equals kills but diying less time time gives me less ranking points.
I.e lets say player A won the match 30 kills #1
Then player B has 26 kills and died 27 time #2
Then me player C with 26 kills and died 11 time. #3

Why does this happens…

I Think that I should’ve been #2 instead of 3rd this happens relatively often. Please fix this part of ranking #kills then dying less should equates to a proper ranking 4 free 4 all …

The objective of FFA is to be the first getting 30 kills. Not getting the best KD. If thats the case everyone will camp behind corners and no one moves.


Thanks Jesse I m aware of this if u don’t finish 1st you are last Talladega style. But come on Lets push this further so you can get what I mean. Lets say 2 players have 29 kills shoot them selves at the exact same time both have now 30 kills. How would you pick the winner?
My bet would be on the one who died less.


Whoever shoot “first”. That or alphabetic order. There is no logic involved.

Great logic! Or lack of…

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TC, Baby!

Maybe OP5 will address this.

Aaaahhh okay sorry, you mean when people have the same amount of kills. I think the person who has more of the normal score points you get with assists and kills is ranked higher. They should show both, GP and Score Points.

I don’t think there’s assists in free 4 all, if there’s any other stats it would be the amount of times you died, which gets to my initial thought asking to fix this. Maybe it’s hard to fix I don’t know but wish they are able too eventually. Happy op5!

I mean there are assist points in FFA. Look up in the right corner when someone steal your kill.

When the match ends there are zero mention of assists. Its free for all everyone for himself. Kills and death, game points stats only. You go check. In my example we have the same GP but then the other player gets extra gp awarded per match having been kill more then me

I have seen this happen during in-game scoreboard (might be a glitch or bug) or it is due to the fact it needs to display all 8 players.

But once the match ends, both player B and you should be rewarded with 2nd place and respective points.

First to 30.

It’s straight forward, some people bull rush & some are tacticians.

Long as you get to 30 first it’s done.

As for ties it’s whoever got their first.

Just be aggressive if you’re in an aggressive lobby.

FFA is just a sprint to the finish, nothing more. It doesn’t need to be anything more.

Right now FFA is the only ranked mode that I find legitimately enjoyable.

Is it perfect, no. But it’s good enough the way it is.

A lot of Gold level skilled players will be able to get Masters in FFA, but that also makes it enjoyable for someone who isn’t as skilled as a true Master level player.

Besides Master means nothing in this game, I only care to get Masters for the skins as I want the full set.

FFA in its current state doesn’t feel punishing and it’s enjoyable to progress through, leave it that way.

I’ve had 100 eliminations more than any of my teammates before in KOTH and still lost and it’s the most unsatisfying experience ever because the ranking system punished me for it.

I never have that experience in FFA.

Don’t try and put ideas into The Coalitions head because they have a habit of ruining a lot of things they try to improve and FFA the way it is, is just fine.


Who ever gets there first also makes sense but I wouldn’t bet that the way it is now. Pretty sure I got there 1st but I for sure had died less…

I actually enjoyed FFA in this OP more than any other mode because its actually rewarding. ranked its simple and it doesnt really need a change or make it more complex,

Like if they add K/D ratio to the formula…, the match would be super situational and could lead to BS results. Imagine if the person in 6th place got more points only because their kill ratio is 16/4 and the person in second place is 28/27. Doesnt seems fair to me when the winning conditions is just 30 kills. Just like in p much every other game with free for all, the first one to the gets the max points wins,

And, didnt the match give you the same points if you are tied with a player? I remember getting the 2nd GP reward because of tie even if i was labeled as 3rd place on the scoreboard.

I enjoy FFA but I find my ping is often awful which ruins the experience. Maybe it’s not a popular game mode on the EU side of things.

agreed with most of your response but still when there are 1 winner then 3 people technically tied for the second place for the number of kills and the fourth one had died less than Number 2&3 kind of make me feel like I should’ve have been #2 … cheers

Would like to add
Yes it would make it situational the way you put it. # of kills should always be the way to go obviously, I think I’ve explained the situation that to me happened 3 times in a row.
I’m talking about the tie positions. You have first place with 30 kills then position 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 have all 20 kills. How does the ranking works for the positions 2 to 8. On suggested whomever gets to 20 first would get the second place then then the second who gets to 20 would get 3rd and so on. Maybe this is the way it works now.

To me if its alphabetical it sucks.
If its chronologically maybe acceptable.
So i ask you who’s better between 1 dude with 20 kills and died 2 times
Vs another dude with 20 kills and died 27 times should they be equals or there is 1 better than the other?

For the points awarded atthe end seems like I had less than the other player