Free for all On gears 5

Is any body having problems getting a game on free for all ,on gears 5 I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes plus and still counting.

Unfortunately, you may have missed the boat on FFA. It always took like 10 minutes for me to find an FFA match. Then with the Golden gun event, it got easier, maybe like five minutes. I think that event was the window we were looking for to finally get those FFA objectives done. Now with the event gone I’m afraid the mode will die out which is unfair for those who couldn’t get the medals done. Not only is it ridiculously hard to get five wins in a 1v14 sweatfest, but now you may need to wait 30 minutes just to find a match, if you can find one at all. And if you do you manage to get a match you’ll likely get rocked anyway. Sorry for you guys. Hopefully they won’t do medals like this in the next ToD.

Whenever they remove FFA from the weekly event and hide it within the menus the community can’t seem to find it and never plays it.

I found getting 5 wins to be pretty easy as I always finish top 3 at the very minimum. But I can see how others would have issues based on skill level compared to others since it’s just a bunch of random skilled players in there.

It was literally the only game mode keeping gears 5 going for me, and then they killed it off and now I can never find a game in FFA…

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There’s just too many game modes/menus. People don’t want to navigate around that much to find it.

I think a 3-4 min. wait is reasonable for a GOW game where FFA isn’t the main focus but 10 min. is ridiculous.

When I get a game it’s usually one in progress /w a decent ping (60s), so I don’t understand why the matchmaking takes so long.

Crashing after FFA games still occurs so that makes playing in a rolling lobby almost impossible. Also, there’s that other bug that just ends the match when it starts… it’s just a mess.

Its not so gard! I have more then 200 victory in FFA👍

OP, on what region are you? I know issues with EU servers and FFA, the same question for todo ese jugo (nice GT and quote from Cole).

I’ll try to win my last 2 matches for the medal tomorrow in OSOK FFA, but I’m not a great sniper, but it’s the opportunity to find matches…

All i know is every time i play Gears 5 i feel like TC is running a free for all train on me.

EU servers

Hi, 10mins wait time ??? I wish …,…

Check this out

Unfortunately pal TC don’t care what you think :disappointed_relieved:

Even in the new operation you need a win in it but its impossible since it takes forever to find a game