Free For All. First and Last

Just for the Achievement i had a bash at this mode, started halfway through a game, but decided to complete a full one.
Like Gridiron, not a fan, not a fan at all. Different game mode, different problems.
And only one problem i found with Free For All was… Too many Power Weapons.
Why are they even in the game for a start, secondly, i noticed the same person every time with the Longshot, or the Boomer. Lifers hogging the game and hogging the full glory. Free For All is completely subjective here. This person easily won both games i was in, and i can bet said person was winning well after i had gone back to Horde.

I am not a fan of PvP at all, however there are times i do enjoy it. In Gears of War 4, and in Gears 5 i have found i have a liking for Escalation. I seem to be rather good at it too. Surprisingly so, even by my low PvP standards and skill.

I’ve got no issue with the power weapons in ffa. There is a lot of flanking that goes on in ffa, i think the power weapons are a non issue and I’m kind of pleased with them. In a normal game mode you’d get downed for picking up a power weapon. Ffa is more forgiving than that.
The boom only has 2 shots.
If the same person is hogging power weapons as you put it, something should be done about it in game as that person is having their way with the lobby.
Ffa takes a lot on focus and some luck. The player winning both games doesn’t mean that the mode needs drastic changes like removal of power weapons.

I agree with this. I played a few weeks ago, 1st time I played in a couple months, not cause I don’t like it, but cause I was expecting them to bring it to ranked, so I was waiting for it to be more meaningful, but alas it has still not happened.

Anyways in that game I just mentioned I was on Core and actually quite lucky that I managed to trade between Boom and Torque a few times. I went on a short spree that I didn’t die I used last shot in boom to kill a guy at tbow then picked up tbow. Got some kills, rotated my way back to boom, last shot stuck and killed a guy as he picked it up so I got it back lol. I ended up winning that game.

That was an odd occurrence though, I just had weaker players in that lobby tbh, cause normally I’d be lucky to have 1 of those weapons before getting flanked.