Free For All confirmed

@l_l_C_L_O_W_N_l smh you stole Toby’s screenshot

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Shhhhh. Don’t tell Toby. Keep it lowkey fam

Cant believe you’ll still be playing this game

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Weren’t you playing it just the other day?

So annex with friendly fire, that’s already in custom servers? Nothing unique, but alright for single players I guess.

Still am but once I hit General it’ll slow down big time. In fact three more ranks and that’s it

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It’s ■■■■■ surprise surprise! Gears only really works as a team and people team up and kill everyone else who would have thought it !!!
The game still has tons of problems to the gnasher still doesn’t work as it should ( how can a shot do 35% damage when it connects from a close range weapon) A dwindling player base and still falling fast come on coalition fix this game