Free boost? Or not free boost?the cake is a lie😶

Whats with the free boost??

Something special happing this weekend??

Thx TC…

Edit: Why has the xp boost been removed??

Does @TC_Sera have any info regarding this?

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500% boost.


Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend? TC is based in Canada.

Yay, farming re up time

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Whats up yesterday

TC must be the most incompetent company out there.


I did get the free boost.

Can anyone confirm it’s actually working with additional xp?

Yup. Big boost.

master frenzy complete went up from just over 78 to 81 and some change.

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2600 something per insane Surge run. Character xp.

I don’t give a ■■■■ about character XP

Give us Double Cards.

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Three levels per Master Frenzy? Lucky you. I’d be hard pressed to even see two levels in one at Reup 26.

Unless of course I run Marcus on Overload Frenzy solo on waves 1-4 for Hat Trick. Then I can actually get ~3 levels in one go(8-10 mins per attempt, roughly).

I’m re-up 18. Soon to be 19. Hmmmmm? What diff do you solo run on Overload with Marcus?

(thanks for the Surge run reminder. Often a good card haul there too)

Big boost weekend got me glowing. But then again i’m easy to please.

Master. I maxed my Marcus’ skills solely for trying that method. He can solo the first 4 Frenzy waves with Living Legend running continuously easily, but as mentioned I think it requires max level skills. And only the first four as that’s enough to get above the 30+ ribbon threshold.

Skill setup :
Headshot Master
Rifle Feedback
Custom Lancer
Band of Brothers(does not require being maxed, the Stim by itself is enough)
Dug In(which gives you a total of 90% damage res in cover)

Great for Hat Trick because it seems to spawn Imagos 100% of the time so your regular Lancer can easily headshot without downs until wave 3 where some Hammerburst Drones start to mix in, for which you can buy a Retro Lancer at the beginning. Get some frags if you need to disrupt Wardens on wave 4. Otherwise, if a Carrier shows up, just clear the wave and then back to the lobby before you kill the Carrier, just saves time. Ignore Rejects unless you need LL extension or you are not going to break Hat Trick chains by killing them(it shouldn’t be since they can’t be headshotted but it is anyway).

You drag the fab to one side to block off the spawns(may or may not require some experimentation with placement), capture the tap if it’s near there, ignore them otherwise as they’d just block your line of fire, then take cover on the sideways cover on the side where only one player can go at a time, towards the two spawns where enemies come from(opposite of the fab, basically). Hit the ult when the first enemies start spawning. Make sure to kill everything on the first wave quickly and skip the waves to ensure or at least significantly reduce the probability of the ult running out while there’s nothing to shoot.

I would provide an overhead map with markers but cba right now as I’m feeling lazy and not actually on Gears. Oh, and you don’t need to have bots.

No guarantee this method will still function if they nerf Rifle Feedback to 50%. But right now it appears to be around half as fast as the DFB method used to be before TC removed the ribbon from Horde.

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Trying it now.

character and exp? Does anyone know?

500% is what it shows. Should be both. Includes original boost as well of course.

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Just kidding i appreciate the write up, but my rifle feedback is five and i can’t sustain it after wave one. I’ve got to rebuild it, and the bots are dumb in picking me up. Most ribbons i managed was 19 before i gave it a rest. But still not to shabby.

Do you still have the 6x boost? Others (including me) lost it.

I’m getting normal boost amounts now too. But was getting the bonus boost a little bit ago

Well, like I said, chances are you need maxed skills. Although sometimes it also depends on stupid and nonsensical stuff like an enemy going around the long way or running around where you can’t shoot it for no reason and costing you several seconds. Otherwise, positioning on cover also makes things go differently. When I used to be in a spot apparently mainly used during Overload speedruns, it would be harder to wipe the first wave quickly to make the method reliable due to more limited sight lines. But when I moved further back a little, I could seem to make it work with 100% reliability.

Doesn’t matter so much now since apparently we didn’t deserve an XP bonus. Oh well. Wasn’t planning to grind anyway, so those 15 levels I got from doing the Marcus thing 5 times on Reup 26’ll have to do.

This x1000… or at least x6 :wink: