Free Boomshots, help yourself

Dear Teammate,

They unfortunately cut the feature where I could leave this “refrigerator” note on the locker where you could see it, so I’m posting it here.

Great game yesterday! You & I are the first to discover the other feature they recently added as an alternative where Boomshots magically spawn on lockers with no effort to police them from the battlefield, or capture/collect energy from taps, or contribute to their purchase or locker slot upgrades. As you can see, they spawn with the same rare, brightly-colored Summer Gear weapon skin that I’m using that makes it highly visible who’s holding them and might make noobs think they’re just for me, but they’re actually free for the taking. The coloring just makes it easier to quickly check to ensure you’re grabbing them as intended and making good use of them.

It was definitely wise to play unmemorably and wait until the late game to start using the free weapon spawner in order to put my mind at ease about unnecessary safeguarding of locker slots. We all know that starting earlier on might let the naysayers claim your decent re-up and class level means nothing about your game expertise. But you properly signaled your intent at the right time by throwing that dirty Dropshot on the ground and replacing it with Tri-Shot, a heavy weapon much better suited to your Pilot’s fashion (matches accessories for the Silverback). You can never be too careful what germs gather on shared locker slots in this age of COVID.

So even though I didn’t see that happen, and should have suspected you had a pièce de résistance up your sleeve, it was still a true pleasure reminding me why I need to play locker-dependent Demolitionist more often when I came back to the locker giving tree during the final boss wave and saw that the Boomshots were correctly being deployed in the field. It was great to finally take a break and just be a bystander soaking up the rest of the team’s work!

Again, GG.



Ive developed a work-around to this kind of situation : only play the class that doesnt require any weapons.

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Scum of the earth

Or relies on a Sidearm

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I don’t understand any of this post besides it having something to do with Demolitions. Furthermore, my impression of average demos

“Me demolitions, make big boom, angry no locker, deposit? no i perk.”


Time to play Melee Veteran. Yes, I tried this once on a Village daily (short range gambit) and it actually was ok. Managed to get second highest damage (after a Brawler which was someone I knew.) The ult was good for damage reduction + stim and Last Ditch allowed for more power.

Memey but it worked.

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Honestly, if a boom shot is important to your game play, you spawn with one.

Respawn and move on. Very low cost.

Wonder if we will get horde complaint threads with “here’s how you should’ve played” from now to Gears 6?

Let me guess, public lobby with expectations of a private one.

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Most certianly. Posts and comments about randoms are always so unnecessary to me. You know what youre getting yourself into and so does everyone else, we’ve all been there and we’re all randoms technically.


Ahhh! Sweet justice was served cold here, you filthy wee Demo!

I could make 600-part youtube series consisting of hour long videos complaining about the randoms I get in ranked but i dont wan- wait maybe thats a good idea.

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I don’t play Demo often and try not to be that kind when I do. Teammates get to decide if I’ve succeeded. I can say in this instance it was the Pilot who gave the appearance of entitlement for locker usage without contributing energy and perking instead.

At least I assume he/she was perking; I wasn’t monitoring voice lines. Whenever I noticed during the in-between-waves time, the player was in cover, motionless, which I take as a sign of either being AFK/AFC or being inexperienced. I find that seasoned players know how they’re going to perk and can do so while moving/performing other tasks. Newer players are “overwhelmed” with the controls & choices, and take a long time-- standing still to do so.

Well, I’m not sure I’m following the meme-ness (Veteran not in cover and not sharing Ult?). Aside from that, this setup strikes me as probably requiring that Close Range Gambit or else Triple Melee Damage modifier. Is that accurate? I have a hard time successfully using Last Ditch myself, so I could be wrong. Did you rely on Brutal Efficiency to get your Ultimate back quickly?

It was the final wave, so no subsequent downtime/low risk opportunity to suicide as I assume you’re suggesting, and I feel it would just compound the detriment to the team by taking me fully out of play (if I’m alive, I can at least still draw fire and play medic) as well as the COG tag returner.

No, I had public expectations. But that doesn’t magically make it enjoyable when these expectations are “met”, nor does it mean I can’t find try to find cartharsis in light-hearted venting. :slight_smile:

Well, sure, and I don’t post 99.999% of such encounters. This one seemed unusual in that the person waited so long to behave that way. But y’all’s criticism is taken. I suppose I could have instead posted this as more interactive questions like:

“Do you play Demo in public lobbies? Why or why not? Is that calculation different from private lobbies?”

“What are good techniques you’ve developed in public lobbies to reduce the likelihood of your weapons being taken from a locker?”

“Assume you’ve already made choices on cards, energy deposits/locker dependency/perking strategies that were designed to maximize [insert optimized weapon] damage that particular run; what are good ways to contribute/bide your time while you don’t actually have ammo? And/or do you have one slot you always ‘sacrifice’ for a particular card (which?) as a failsafe for running dry?”

Today i joined a frenzy on yesterdays map as demo, only me and 2 people were in the lobby. One a high lvl vet and the other was a low lvl RE. I went afk for a min and came back to the match starting.

Another demo had joined.

As match was starting i asked in chat for a locker, i donated my 10k and got a lvl 2 locker, i donated all after wave 1 and got it upgraded to 3.

The host put in chat if you want locker donate.

The other demo never donated anything and would sit in cover and use pistol as they ran out of ammo, i assumed they perked.

I had a locker with 3 boomshot on it and a lancer.

I perked my ult recharge to 10 then gave everything to the RE.

Public lobbys are full of idiots, if i see people doing nooby stuff ill leave.

The other day i had the host playing as hoffman doing the “booo” emote every 10 seconds, i put in chat “annoying” someone else asked them to stop.

They didnt, i was engineer and proceeded to move all my forts away from base and bought a lvl 4 forge with fab power then called the host some wonderful names and left.

Make sure you never run out of ammo, i mostly pick my cards/class that would best be suited for whatever the daily mutators are.

Most of my cards never change except when its 3x headshot mutator, ill pick tact and use longshot and hammer burst, people look at me when i drop my boomshot on the floor at the start, its even better when i finish with most damage.:laughing:

Nope. The stick + a Retro were adequate for getting it back.

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Gg on District mate. Thought I recognised your username.

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Thanks, you were the demo yes? I had about 17k power on wave 11 and was gonna give to you but i seen you had about 15k so didnt bother, i just bought a couple of gl for the final 2 bosses.

12 rockets was enough😁 nomad with bleed is quite op

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Yeah was demo mate. Also noticed you were putting out high damage with that class gg

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I played a frenzy on atrium and host BM was using the relic retro as their main damage dealer and their ult which provided stim to revive people.:clown_face:

I didnt stay for long as they were hiding in the room behind the fab, at one point i was in cover just outside the room near the switch using markza to inflict bleed on the boss as it was coming out the left side and got chainsawed by a palace guard from behind

I guess they thought the “Blade” in Blademaster was for the Relic Retro’s blade. Only they forgot the “blade” part.

I kept getting a mag unloaded into the back of my head when i was executing enemies as nomad. :frowning: