Free Agent finding a new team

Looking for a team to play competitively Xbox gt is GRING0 JR, I also have lan experience been playing since Gow 1 and Gow 2 for four years. More over I can play anytime and everyday, I also live in Michigan. Ifyou wish to know more about me or what I can do message me or invite me to a party.(Zero is O btw)

Maybe state where you are located in the world.
And how many you are looking for and at what times you will be able to play.

I’ll add you. Also looking for a competitive team

Sorry I didn’t type that I live in Michigan, looking for 4 and I’m able to play anytime.

This is cM Stryker if you are willing to play competitive and go pro me and my dude KillSpec are coming back on Oct first week. I remember most of the players and teams that played in Orlando 2009 for Gears 2 I seen you down there but anyway HMU if your interested

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