Freakin' error 0x00000c46-not gathering results

I don’t see any recent discussion about the 0x00000c46 Error (not gathering results) so is it just something we’ve accepted now? Or is it just happening to me? Because I am starting to get it rather frequently and it’s pissing me off. Has anyone definitely determined if your XP and progress show up eventually? There’s nothing like finishing a map you needed on Master, just to see this code. I’m an avid player, defending this game over and over but this is almost enough to make me put it down for awhile…mainly because the last I really see it talked about was in February, mostly about how it was a bug, slated to be fixed. Well, it’s not fixed. Somebody give me some hope…


For me at least I seem to be getting the cards and tour stars later from the match when this happens, but I haven’t checked if I also get XP and character XP, but I would think so.

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