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Chainsaw, then getting hate massages at times


My favorite things about Gears are the characters, combat, story/lore, and the banter.

There’s not many games out there where the characters have so much depth and back story. What makes this so good is that it’s believable and relatable, and they have real world problems and elements. (Strained relationships, losing family members, political struggle, etc)

The combat is unique to Gears. Despite using a cover system similar to Kill Switch and having other typical third person shooter features, they expanded on these and made them their own. The roadie run, slamming into cover, cover swap (SWAT turn), cover mantle, etc… all these things actually happen in a firefight. I love that you can feel the shots and that the characters react to the impact. I also like that they “flinch” if bullets are bouncing off of cover while dug in. Another realistic thing is that they react to different enemies, call out snipers, frags, etc… not many games do this either. Something else that sets this franchise apart is that there’s no jumping. One thing I can’t stand about shooters is that people are just constantly jumping. This is obviously unrealistic and was actually brought up during Gears 1 development.

I love the story and lore, and I enjoy that it covers such a big time frame. I enjoy having so much history and detail on everything. Again, there are real world elements and themes here that make it more tangible. There’s so much more to it than just a “macho bro shooter.”

Now… the banter. This is one of the most realistic and relatable things for me. You’ve got a group of dysfunctional soldiers with their own unique personalities working together. Of course they’re joking around, razzing each other, and talking about the enemy and stuff. I’ve been in the military for almost 15 years, and see this everywhere I go. It’s a part of that one of a kind bond that soldiers share that people talk about. The developers have done an excellent job portraying this. You don’t see it in a lot of military shooters.

Sorry for the long post. It didn’t feel right just listing things without giving an explanation lol.


Dark and gritty.

The inexhaustible well of ‘randoms suck’ threads.


Theres way way way too many of these. Im sick of seeing them lol

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I had a decent game with randomers yesterday. The only bad thing was that one of the players who was Gunner started building barriers about halfway. The engineer (who was also host) was patient with them and gave them several warnings via game chat, but the Gunner kept doing it and the host (rightly) kicked them. A shame cos despite being low level and low reup they were doing fine. It wasn’t like we need extra barriers too - the engineer had it all covered.

Maybe we need a specific “good randomers” thread to counterbalance?

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I’ve ran into way more good randoms than bad. Ultra was a random to me at one point and look how he turned out.


Not for the better based on what you told us

Thing is, “randomers” has become synonymous with “bad”. In pure language terms randomers are just that - randomers, strangers. But in onljne gamig communities it’s just become a general slur. “Randomer” does nothing to describe them as a player and as you say, there are good ones out there too. Same as “noob” which just refers to someone being new to something. There are plenty of veterans who are bad too.

The online gaming community has been dumbed down by this sort of thing.


Idk if it’s just me but I’ve never had issues like the ones described in game. The randoms I play with in game are usually competent. I’ve obviously failed before due to squad wipes and such but I’ve never had a blademaster use a cryo canon unironically or a demo use a gnasher.

Those type of things just never come to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m pretty sure I’m THE RANDOM about 95% of the time.


I get the reference. :smiley:

Love that the GOW blood omen is that of a skull superimposed over, well… a skull too.


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I can build a pretty sub par meme for an old dude out of touch with the youths.

I love when I sneak up on a guy, fire up the ol’ chainsaw and just rub it all over him for a couple seconds before they finally turn around and shoot me for giving them an unsolicited massage.

I also appreciate the 15yard chainsaw vacuum from opponents who are steadily getting lit up by multiple team members.

Fantastic reference

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Team Challenges
SOLO challenges
Custom Escape Hives

In hindsight I’m surprise I was able to do some of the team challenges I’ve thought of considering there is no real incentive from TC for them. I’m definitely luckily to have been associated with high level players for a fairly long time.

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I know you said from TC specifically but the incentive for me was that gratification I get from completing something difficult whether it be solo or with a team. Getting my ■■■ kicked makes the feeling even better, getting destroyed but finally overcoming a challenge is such a good feeling.


I look forward to seeing you beat the killing machines :wink:

Overkilling Machines. They destroy my whole team even though I’m trying harder than I would with a boss lol

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In all seriousness, I think what keeps me coming back despite the many issues plaguing the franchise as a whole is how it has everything that I want in a multiplayer shooter.

-PVP has heavily focuses on CQC somewhat high learning curve
-Virtually no tier list since all the god tier weapons are pick ups
-Being able to play as your favorite COG or Locust character instead of just nameless soldier #627
-Escape is the best mode to ever come out
-The only video game lore that I am so invested in that I read all the novels and comics since it had so much world building along with likeable characters.

I was hooked on Gears 1’s campaign and thought it was the coolest ■■■■ ever in 2014 despite it being released in 2006 but I wasn’t too fond of the 1 life game modes so I never bothered the multiplayer. It wasn’t until I got Gears 3 when it was free with games with gold in 2015 my love for the franchise has grown significantly. Primarily because of TDM and KOTH. I’m sure the rest is history.

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