Frame Rate Issues

(Rundan) #1

I am concerned with my PC setup because I don’t feel like I am getting as many frames as I should.
My PC Specs;

1080TI SLI
16G Ram

At 1080P Ultra I only get around 150FPS but I feel like when I disable SLI I get more FPS like around 200. This makes no sense to me at all and is very frustrating.

Also, back in the day when I had two 1070’s in SLI I was getting way more frames. So my guess is this game is just old and lost some of its optimization? I have no idea what’s going on. I was even able to run this game at 4K ultra settings at about 120fps with my 1070’s and now I barely push 60fps with my 1080TI’s…

So what gives? Why is there such a performance decrease? Anyone have any ideas?

(Al Bundy 33hero) #2

I’m no expert in this but when I was looking into running pascal in SLI recently the general sentiment I kept running into was that it was hit or miss because the support wasn’t there, and many said not to bother.

(Rundan) #3

But it was well optimized before?

(Noble Guardian) #4


This problem could have many sides, but here goes nothing:

  • Windows Update: A friend of mine was having a trouble with SLI after Windows latest update, one of his cards’ speed has been decreased for no obvious reason, but after installing a clean version, his problem was resolved.

  • Cards clock speed might be not synced, sync SLI using After Burner.

  • Some programs also interfere with video games, I don’t have any clue why, discord is one of them and might be After Burner also as reported by my brother.

  • Power Supply might not have the sufficient watts ,

Best of luck,

(Rundan) #5

I think it’s just poor coding. My rig should be setup solid