Frame drops mid game and lagging out!

Dear TC, This frame drop issue is causing major problems gameplay wise when I’m trying to kill the enemies. It’s very unenjoyable to experience this when playing and trying to make plays!!! I’ll post a video that will display what it looks like when this frame drop happens. can we please fix this issue it’s been going on since the tech test and it won’t stop!!

On Nvidia use the 447.19
Disable pagination file
If you have 16gb of ram CLOSE EVERYTHING only keep GEARS 5
If you want multitask get 32 gb of ram
If you have a 1060 or a card like that use 1080p/high quality. Dont go for ultra unless you have a 1070-1080 at least.

Atm my game runs amazing with 447.19, 32 gb of ram