FPS Issue - Can't achieve 120fps


I’m running the game on Steam and I can’t seem to get the game to run anywhere near 120fps. It varies from 40-90fps.

I have a i7-8750H, 32gig ram + rtx 2070.

I’ve played with the fps setting, So minimum is 90 to unlimited max. I’ve even played with lowering the settings from ultra to high and still no joy.

Any ideas?

What monitor are you playing on?

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The only way the monitor would affect it would be if he had vsync turned on.

I run the game at around 150fps on a 60hz monitor.


What he said lol

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What resolution? Have you played with individual things like shadows, lights, and such? Sometimes, one setting can bog your particular system down.

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This is my thinking. I will set everything to low and see if that is holding things back. but still. brand new i7 and rtx power and no solid 60 or 120fps.

HD 1920 x 1080 17.3" IPS Level 144Hz Matte Display by Origin.
I do have vsync on.

Try turning vsync off and see

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I’ll do a test and report back. I can help others who have the same issue. I thought vsync was important cause it removes screen tearing and botch frames?

If you’re running below the target frame rate it does, but you generally don’t need it above the refresh rate of your monitor.

There are also other solutions depending on your gfx card, such as half sync, gsync etc.

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the game is horribly optimized

That’s not necessarily true. Could be just a vsync issue which I have tried on other games. I’ve got 180 hours into Gears 5 on PC and not had any crashes or bs.

Why am I capped at 30 plz help ? I’m using a RTX 3060 on a intel i7 processor ?

Why did you delete comment?