FPS drops every time I click on my mouse

The game was just running fine 3 days ago. Now everytime I click on my mouse, the frame rate drops to 10-15 FPS and does not go back up. It’s usually at 90-100 FPS. It does not seem to do it when I press keys on my keyboard, only when I click on my mouse.

I am using:
Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000
AMD Ryzen 7 1700
RX 580 8GB
16 GB DDR4 3200 Mhz RAM.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

FIX: I uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers for my mouse and that seemed to fix the issue. So far so good.

I’m having some weird frame rate issue as well. I’m on a RTX 2080 TI and I’m hovering between 30 -60 fps. 3 days ago I was staying between 100-120 fps. I have no clue what they did but the games unplayable for me at the moment. I’m updating fortnite

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Same, it’s completely unplayable for me. Not gonna brave through 10 FPS.